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Shopping used to be tedious for some people especially men but nowadays it has become more enjoyable, easier, convenient, and faster. That’s all because of online shopping. People no longer have to leave their homes to buy the things they want. It’s delivered right at their doorstep. Those with busy schedules who doesn’t have much time to shop, let alone fall in line in long queues, would definitely find online shopping relaxing, addicting and time saving.

Among the many online shops that cater to many fashion forward individuals is It is an online marketplace housing many shops all over the world. All the boutiques in the marketplace sell items that are unique, trendy, and edgy. is definitely a shopper’s haven with over 1,000 labels to buy from and catering to both men and women. A customer can choose from a wide range of products that are sold by merchants located in many places in the USA, France, Italy, London, Denmark and a lot more. If you see something you like, you can buy it directly from the merchant, which in turn they will deliver to you. There’s only one checkout process for all the shops.

Photobucket sells items like clothing, footwear, bags, accessories, jewelries, books, magazines, beauty products, homeware, phones, computers, and gadgets. It’s a one-stop marketplace for everything. Men will definitely love the many choices of designer man bags from as well as luggages from famous designers like Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood, Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, Gareth Pugh and many more. Buyers can shop by category, size, designers, color, boutique, and price range. For instance you clicked the category “shoulder bags”, different types of shoulder bags from different designers will be displayed.

Once you see the item you want to buy just click the picture and a bigger picture will appear along with the product description, price, measurements or sizes available, product details, and delivery information. It will also display if the item is still in stock. Buyers can choose from payment options like credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Delta, and Visa Electron) and Paypal. Parcels are shipped worldwide by DHL Express and UPS couriers. Another good thing about is that customers can return their goods for free. But they’ll have to ask for a Returns Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) number within 5 days of receiving their order and book their free collection pick up within 5 days. really does value their customers.

Doojoon & Dongwoon (BEAST) – When the Door Closes

While I was browsing the most famous video sharing site Youtube. This Kpop song ” When the Door Closes” really caught my attention because as you watch the video and the singers , Doojoon & Dongwoon, you may feel the deepness and the rich of the meaning of the song along and how these singers sang the song full heartedly though its written on their language Korean. I think, they used quality sound elements on this which I believed generated on the exceptional music software that most music label companies are using today. What you do think music enthusiasts? Alright, that’s it for now and I hope I can update you some fashion related posts soon. Thanks!

Dressing for Fall


Fall can be an incredibly hard time to pick out the proper outfits.  The weather seems to jump from really hot and humid to suddenly cold and wet.  Then, you throw in “rules of thumb” like no white after Labor Day, and you can start running into challenges with any wardrobe.  Here are some thoughts on dressing for fall!

Summer Style Still Works

For the most part, summer styles still work very well in the fall.  For example, you can wear polo shirts by Debenhams, or other causal polo shorts and still look great.  On hot fall days, there is nothing wrong with wearing shorts and flip-flops, or other summer-like clothes that make you feel comfortable.

Some things you may want to avoid are real “beachy” clothes unless you are actually going to the beach.  For example, you may not want to wear board shorts or tank tops this time of year.  Those are more appropriate attire for the spring and summer.

Things to Keep in Mind

The biggest thing to keep in mind is that, in many parts of the country, fall is that time of year when it starts getting much cooler.  This means making sure that you have your coats or sweaters readily available.  You never know when the weather could change (and it seems to change very quickly overnight).  You wake up one morning, and it is suddenly raining.

A good strategy for this time of year is to focus on layering.  This means wearing your jeans and a polo, but adding a sweater in the cool mornings.  As your day progresses, you can lose the sweater, but at least you will have it with you should you want to put it back on in the evening (if it gets cool outside again).

Another thing to keep in mind is it is sometimes a good idea to keep a spare coat and umbrella in the trunk of you car in case the weather changes drastically during the day.  That way you are always prepared should something come up.

Cloutier Sunglasses from Silver Lining Opticians and Lee Allen Eyewear



I really loved to see some dope and swwag pieces when it comes to fashion accessories. Because these accessories can really help us to have this spice on each outfit we’ve got. Got what I meant? I hope you do. Today, I was so pleased to include this fashionable sunglasses from the brand Silver Lining Opticians that has been designed by the great Lee Allen for eyewear. I must say, the sunglasses are really into high end fashion one because look, the frame was indeed solid and has its own concept to it. That’s why I know, most of the fashion fellas out there are cant wait themselves to have this sunglasses on their own hands.

About the availability and pricng details? oh well, as this moment, I haven’t know it further. Howewer, soon the brand releases some info update about the dope sunglasses, sure thing!, I will update you again here with the full information. Thanks so much!

5cm x N.HOOLYWOOD 2012 Fall/Winter Capsule Collection


Personally, I haven’t yet familiarized myself on this capsule collection when it comes to fashion. Bear with me then, I just knew this fashion season’s collection and collaborative collection. Anyway, I do believe that I may able to know the meaning of the capsule thingy as I continue blogging about fashion stuff in here.

Recently, the brand 5cm had teamed up on the other giant name called N.HOOLYWOOD  for this shoes here, the one you were seeing on the top photo, I must say, the shoes looks so dope and I personally wants to have one soon..:) By the way, the shoes is belongs on the brand, 5cm x N.HOOLYWOOD, Fall – Winter collection 2012. I will update you further details about this as soon the both brands releases info. Thanks!

Moncler & ‘Moncler R’ Outerwear – Fall Winter 2012





When it comes to men’s fashion. I admit, I really love to see some brands doing collaboration and create these collaborative pieces that might be the most hip and trends on certain fashion seasons. Because these collaborative pieces are indeed quirky and has its own characteristic that can made the fashion industry more visually creative..

Today, I was about to share to ya’ll these pieces from the both brands Moncler & ‘Moncler R who had teamed up for their fall winter collection for this year 2012. You may see some of their creation on the top photos. I must say, these pieces are way better than to those usual coat and jackets out in the market today. Because I do believed, these pieces has ballet ornaments elements to it. I just imagined it though, dont take it seriously on what Ive been said here okay? As for this moment, these pieces aren’t yet out in the market and I dunno any further info of it yet. However, rest assured, soonest they’ll release some info about this collection here and by then, will update you again in here. Alright, that’s it for now. Thanks!

What a Man’s Wardrobe Needs to Include

If you’re right out of college, chances are your wardrobe isn’t going to be setting you up for success in the business world.  For most people, it takes several years of building up items of clothing before their wardrobe is really considered complete.  Here are the main things that you should be including in your wardrobe, plus a great place you can find a lot of it.


 For Work

Every man needs to own a least one suit, and it should be pressed and ready to wear at a moment’s notice.  If you are just starting out, you will probably only have one suit, so make sure that it always fits, it’s dark in color, and is a style that will always be fashionable.  The key colors are navy and grey, and by fashionable, it should just not be trendy (like super skinny or signature styles).

With the suit, you should also have a set of dress shirts to go with the suit, and also for work in general.  Most of the shirts should be solid in color, and usually white or blue.  Once you have your solids, you can add in some stripes and checkers to make a full wardrobe.  Remember, for your base collection, keep in plain so it’s not memorable, and your peers won’t think you’re wearing the same clothes all the time.

You also need to maintain some ties to compliment your outfits.  You should have about 3 ties for every suit, and keep the tie colors classic – blue, red, gold, with basic stripes or dots.


Casual Attire

This is an area that you have probably already mastered if you’ve graduated from college.  Most casual attire wardrobes include the variety of tee shirts, polos, denim jeans, and casual shoes.

For casual events, you should also consider getting some slacks and khakis that you can wear with a nice polo.  This would work well for a weekend event or other casual get together.

Don’t forget to include warm weather clothes as well, since the weather can always be unpredictable.

Where To Find It

 When you’re just starting out, you should probably build your wardrobe over time.  But you can find great deals on clothes at online shops like Scotts, that has a lot of both formal and casual menswear.  Remember, you don’t need to go hogwild when you get your first job.  See what others are wearing and build your wardrobe out slowly.

Men’s Fall Fashion


It is that time of the year – when it is still pretty warm in most parts of the country, but all of the stores are now starting to stock their fall menswear clothing items.   As such, it is time for most men to start thinking about what they will be wearing in the next few months as the weather starts changing and it starts to get a little cooler outside.  Here are some ideas for men’s fall fashion, and how you can do it without breaking the bank.

The Sweater

The sweater needs to be a key piece of any man’s fall wardrobe.  Sweaters are great because they look great on most men, and they are useful for keeping the cold of the morning and evening away.  Furthermore, if it warms up too much in the middle of the day, you can always roll up the sleeves and go from there.  This stylish look makes a sweater a practical choice.

Layering For All Day

Another thing to keep in mind is layering throughout the day.  In the fall, it is usually very chilly in the morning, and tends to warm up quite a bit by lunchtime.  Then, it can be brisk once again when the sun goes down at night.  If you’re planning to be out all day, make sure your clothes include layers so that you can dress appropriate at all stages of the day.

A good rule of thumb is a basic coat, which you can take off indoors, and wear outdoors.  This can help keep you warm during your commute, but you can hang it up in the office during the day, and also in any restaurants or bars if you go out after work.


Finally, don’t forget to consider getting some fall and winter accessories now, before you need them.  Depending on where you live, and how cold it gets, this could include a scarf, mittens or gloves, and possibly a hat or other head cover.  Also, don’t forget to check the condition of your umbrella, and make sure that it still functions before the first rain of the season.  There is nothing worse than going to use an umbrella only to find out that it doesn’t open.

The bottom line is you need to think about your wardrobe now before you need to wear it in another month or two.

How to Buy Big and Tall Men’s Clothing


Buying big and tall clothing can be a challenge, and not just because there are not always a lot of choices.  Buying extra large menswear can be difficult because it can also be hard to judge what looks good on you.  What looks good on a mannequin or in a picture may not always look good in person.  So take advantage of these tips below when shopping for your next big and tall outfit.

Take a Friend With You

When you go shopping, or when you order something and try it on, take another set of eyes with you.  This is especially true if you’re not comfortable with your own clothing decisions.  Make sure it is someone you trust, and even better if it is a woman.  Women love to shop and they usually won’t lead you astray when it comes to fashion.

Find The Best Store For You

I’m a big fan of using the Internet when it comes to finding stores.  You can find both online and brick and mortar shops that meet your needs.  Don’t be afraid of ordering clothes online and seeing if they work for you.  This can let you try things on in the privacy of your own home, and simply mail them back if they don’t work.  Order a few things at a time until you find something you like.

Make Sure Your Clothes Fit

If you’re a bigger gentlemen, tight clothes will not work for you.  And if you’re a taller gentlemen, make sure that you are getting clothes that are the proper length.  There is nothing worse than coming up short on your pant length or shirt length.

Once you find things that are close to fitting, consider getting alterations to make sure they really fit well.  For a small price, you can make sure that your clothes are tailored to meet your exact body type.

The bottom line is that you should be getting clothes that are comfortable to wear.  If you’re comfortable in your clothes, you will appear more confident, which is exactly what clothes are supposed to do for you.  You may even want to look in your current wardrobe and ask yourself, “which outfit do I wear the most?”  Then, try to find other items like it.  You probably wear it the most because it is what you are most comfortable wearing.

Calvin Klein Fashion For Everyone


Dressing up is something that most of us enjoy. We are living in a world that’s becoming more and more fashionable. Some of us may not be as fashion forward as others but at least we try hard to be one. Among the most popular and trusted brand of designer fashion clothing is Calvin Klein. It has been around for years and continuous to be a leading choice of fashionistas worldwide. They sell a wide range of products like shirts, jeans, coats, suits, shoes, accessories, swimwear, eyewear, watches, fragrances and a lot more for men, women, and children. If you haven’t heard of Calvin Klein, you’re probably living under a rock.

Among the many products that they sell, arguably the most talked about would probably be the Calvin Klein jeans and underwear. Their extensive and effective marketing campaigns, some of which are quite provocative, have made them a household name. When it comes to men’s jeans and underwear, the first brand that comes to mind is Calvin Klein. There are many styles of jeans that different types of men can choose from. Calvin Klein jeans are known to be well-made, fits perfectly, durable, and are comfortable to wear. They’re not that expensive either. Anyone can probably buy a nice pair of Calvin Klein jeans.

Their underwear are also top sellers, thanks to the fancy advertisements that they have on numerous magazines and of course the many positive qualities they have that their competitors don’t have. Calvin Klein underwear includes tops (short sleeve tees, long sleeve tees, and tank tops), bottoms (active wear, boxer briefs, boxers, briefs, and trunks) and sleepwear. These underwear are known for their perfect fit and are made from highest quality materials that will definitely last a long time. They also have designs that make every man look sexy when he’s wearing them. For sure because of these qualities, Calvin Klein is here to stay.