i dunno if its inappropriate for me to announce this, because i think no one is concern about it? LOL   Okay i just want you to all know that this blog is having its maintenance tomorrow with no specific time  and  of course you can expect some down moment nor a totally failure  by viewing the entire site as you visit  me here tomorrow, if you do LOL ?because i planed  to transfer this blog on my other server that Ive been purchased recently because of the reasonable price of the hosting plan that the provider offered me than to this hosting that i’m using right now which is quite expensive though.. and i think maintenance  will be last at least 1 to 2 hours maybe but i am sure about it because i had a lot of stuff to do like backing up all images and my files of course and activating those useful plugin after..such a stressful right? but i think this may the practical for me to do than paying a lot..yeah! ok that’s it for now and i let you know if i successfully transferred on the other one..thanks for reading..:)

Exporting your blog back up files

As much as possible i want thing out to be easy that’s why lemme share to you guys this simple tutorial that Ive been found on youtube for you to have or download  your back up files easily without logging in on your cpanel or hosting because on your wordpress blog its self you can  download it effortless.. just watch the full video on top and i hope you find this post quite informative, though most of us know this stuff already but i do believe that other are still looking forward to know this simple step guide..LOL ok thats it for now and i think this was the shortest post that i been made evarr..ok lemme continue this post on mah next post on how to import files then..bye

Why did i chosen wordpress than blogger to run this blog?


Yes, honestly speaking id really like wordpress as my cms than blogger, why? because as i used blogger before i can differentiate the function of these 2 blogging platform and i would say  wordpress is the best because here at wordpress you can easily add whatever you want too , like pages and other stuff not like on blogger  who needs quite knowledge’s with some codings( html/xml ) to do want you want to show up in the entire blog  that can probably give you some stress  every time you have to put something on it..grrr and here on wordpress there’s was a lot of plugins that can we use for free like a do follow plugin wherein in just one click your blog will be come a do follow blog and a lot more, its really a convenience on my opinion , but on the other hand there’s also a disadvantage using wordpress like hosting, yeah you must have to have a hosting plan who can hold your blog running as long as you want it, that is cost you some pennies beside of your domain name but on blogger all you have do to is to buy a domain in any domain registrar and right after you bought your domain,just change your blogspot url into the domain  that you bought and hosting is totally free because blogger is your hosting its self ,that was good on blogger, lol so you, what will you refer most? me, i still love wordpress till the end,,lol its up to you where do you want to host your blog to be, please dont blame me after all, because this was my only personal opinion about these matter..wink2 :p