Importing your back up files on new WordPress blog

As i posted my recent blog about on how to have your back up files by exporting it on your dashboard it self, now is fitted for me to continue this post  on how to import your exported files  on your new wordpress blog, yeah if the exporting files is quite effortless to do, i think its  just the same as you import files on a new wordpress blog because all you have to do is click the import button under your tool navigation through your dashboard and there is it(watch the youtube video to find out how to do this..LOL), just upload your files in necessarily description of your back up files, but bear in mind that you have to selected the authors that you been made  while you importing your back up files, if there was so,  or else you’ll be loosing some of your post under those authors…

because as i transfer this blog into my new server like what ive been announced before, a days ago, yeah i messed quite a bit because i forgot that i had been made 2 authors here,though im just only one who maintain this blog but i wasn’t know it at all,LOL i think i made it when a day i have  5051 syndrome..haha anyways  as i uploaded the whole back up files, i found out that some of my post are missing so i turn it back by deleting all files that Ive been uploaded then i repeated the first step and finally when i was importing files for second time around, i saw this authors selection box that i was missed on the first one..LOL and by then ive been transferred this successfully ..

Exporting your blog back up files

As much as possible i want thing out to be easy that’s why lemme share to you guys this simple tutorial that Ive been found on youtube for you to have or download  your back up files easily without logging in on your cpanel or hosting because on your wordpress blog its self you can  download it effortless.. just watch the full video on top and i hope you find this post quite informative, though most of us know this stuff already but i do believe that other are still looking forward to know this simple step guide..LOL ok thats it for now and i think this was the shortest post that i been made evarr..ok lemme continue this post on mah next post on how to import files then..bye