Finding Inspiration For The Bedrooms In Your Home

Looking for inspiration for the bedrooms in your house? Stop scratching your head and expecting amazing ideas to appear by magic. Go looking for inspiration instead! This guide tells you where to find it for the three categories of bedrooms you might have; adults, kids and guest.

For the adults bedrooms

“Better to see something once that hear about it a thousand times,” goes the saying. This is true for many things, and it’s true for finding home inspiration. So, pack your backs and go and see new ideas in person. Travelling abroad will open you up to a whole new world of design and interior possibilities. Stay in a Scandinavian hotel to see how they do pared-back chic, clean lines and muted colours. Or go to Morocco and Tunisia, where key colours like red, orange and brown create a rustic, warm tone. While you’re in these places you can even pick up items to take home with you, like rugs and lanterns. See some stunning Moroccan bedroom designs via this link.


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For the kids bedroom

When it comes to children’s bedrooms, the internet is the place to go! There are so many creative parents and designers all around the world. Via the web you can see all of the ideas together in one place. Pinterest is great for collecting together different ideas. You can make boards that you ‘pin’ different images on. If you’re resigning your kid’s room, do this with a number of viable options. That way, when they look at your board and choose their favourite, you already know you can follow through with it! Interior design magazines and blogs are other great places to look. And how about when it comes to picking the furniture? Bunk beds are an ideal option for kids room. Take a look at these cute bunk beds for girls from Cuckooland, for example.They’re more fun than standard beds, and save on floor space too.

For the guest bedroom

When it comes to finding inspiration for your guest rooms, look to how Bed and Breakfasts do it. Firstly, consider the fact that as a number of different people will be staying in the room, it will need to have versatility. Some of us like to be cool at night; for those people, have a bottom sheet on the bed. However, some of us like to get warm and cosy. For those people, keep an extra blanket at the bottom of the bed, or in the wardrobe. You could add a reading nook or table so they can spend more time in there. Then think about items that your guests might not have with them, or have forgotten. Guesthouses often make up little baskets with these items inside. You could do the same. Add towels, spare toothbrushes and cotton pads. If you let guests or lodgers use the room regularly, it might be useful to write and print a little guide. Put things like the WIFI password and how to open windows with complicated locks. This will save them from having to come and find you to ask after lights-out.

MEANSWHILE 2016 Fall/Winter Lookbook

 photo freemans-sporting-club-ss16-4_zpswbcvt8ag.jpg

As the spring and summer season is about to come brands and labels are starting to work off for their upcoming season’s collection which is the fall and winter. Because they have to be ahead on what pieces should they showcase for the upcoming season as the other brands are also doing their part already for their end. Also, it would help if you have released your pieces for the season, fall and winter, so that it can avoid plagiarism from the other brands, though sometimes that matter couldn’t avoid at all but as you releases at first at least your lookbook photos in a sense people would find your pieces unique and first hand to have.

 photo meanswhile-2016-fall-winter-lookbook-15_zpsaosabvdm.jpg

 photo meanswhile-2016-fall-winter-lookbook-13_zpspfyyxubq.jpg

Recently, the brand called MEANSWHILE had released their own lookbook photos as their preparation for the upcoming season collection, fall and winter. And I must say their each pieces are awesomely made which are perfectly in both casual and kind formal wear. Actually, these pieces are superb for me as they speaks on my style hence I am so pleased already for this collection.

For further details about the collection. Sorry then, as the brand itself haven’t release any yet as they working still to the finds to be made – might be soon the brand, MEANSWHILE, will release some further details for their collection. Lets all the wait for that day to happened, no worries – I’ll keep you posted here..

How To Find the Right Glasses For Your Face

 photo milantop_zps23flw2cx.jpg

There was the time of life that you can see changes. What I mean by that? Well, as we go quite old there’s really scenario happens that we dont have a control with and one of with was our eye became blurry which we dont used to, right? hence as this happened we should then seek of a health profession so that it may correct as it goes. But of course, we have to be fashionable still as we got ourselves an glasses to wear.

Did you know?

Do you know that sunglasses has its own grade as well? And this type of sunglasses are perfectly to those dope guys who’s still wanting themselves to be in trend and at the same time they dont wanna get in trouble by having they eye cleared by wearing graded sunglasses.

Also, you must learn as well on what type of frame and share of glasses is perfectly for you. Because there’s a right shape of frame for the specific kind of face shape you have. Though to others this quite hard to know on which one to consider but through the video below you have have your own idea on what kind of glasses is right for you and not.

To learn more about this, you can check out the video below for further details.


Nowadays, glasses aren’t just meant for blurry eyes but also serves as fashion statements for others. I must say, I was one of them where I wore my glasses as accessories though it is graded one and still I chose the great frame hence it would be perfectly fits on the outfit am trying to pull off. You can check over Google for further details and how you can turn the kind nerd look into dope and swag one or either on your own fashion statement.

Okay, that would be all for now and I hope you can keep on checking me here for more fashion updates ad tips.

How To Go About Choosing Your Wedding Rings

So you’ve set a date, and you’re getting married – how exciting! If you plan it right, your wedding day will be one of the best and most memorable days of your life. There’s a lot to do when it comes to planning a wedding, from picking your venue to choosing the perfect bridesmaid’s dresses. With so much to do, it’s easy to forget the important things, like choosing the perfect wedding bands.

When it comes to picking your wedding rings and jewellery, it’s easy to think that it’s not something that will take long to do. However, if you want to pick bands that look stylish, will last for years and are suitable for both of you, you need to take your time selecting them. There’s a lot more to picking wedding bands than meets the eye and it’s important to realize that.

 photo wedding-rings-575058_960_720_zpshtojkdxi.jpg

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To help you select the perfect bands for you and your significant other, I’ve put together a few tips. These are all things that I found helpful when selecting my own wedding bands. Take these tips on board and I guarantee you, you’ll find the perfect rings.

Set a budget

Unless you want an argument at the ring store, it’s a good idea to set a budget before you start ring shopping. Sit down and discuss how much of your wedding budget you think it would be wise to spend on the rings. Even if your budget is small, don’t panic – there are lovely rings for every price range. There is no point arguing with your partner over how much you can spend; it ’s best to agree on an amount and stick to it.

Talk about what you want

Once you’ve got your budget sorted, the next step is to talk with your partner about what you want your wedding bands to be like. Is there a certain metal you like? Do you have a design style in mind? Do you want your band to match your engagement ring? These are all things that you need to think about and discuss with your partner. It’s important that you both share what styles of rings you want so that you have an idea of the best styles to look for. Have a browse online at a range of rings, like these Tacori wedding ring designs, to get an idea of what styles you both like. Oh and don’t forget to decide whether you want an engraving inside.

If you don’t agree, compromise

 photo 20749239722_0f159be1c3_z_zpsjmojknel.jpg

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If you and your beau can’t agree on an aspect of the wedding bands, don’t fight, agree to compromise. While both your rings are meant to be the same, they don’t have to be. The truth is that different people have different tastes, and that’s okay. If you both want rings that are the same but have different tastes, find a way to combine them. For instance, if he loves white gold but you love yellow gold, perhaps you could find a ring design that combines the two? Don’t argue, compromise.

There you have it, everything that you need to know about selecting your wedding rings.

Freemans Sporting Club 2016 Spring/Summer Lookbook

 photo freemans-sporting-club-ss16-6_zpseoj1k9oe.jpg

The awesome freemans sporting club is now dropping its spring summer lookbook and probably their season’s collection that may be available soon in the market. I must say, these pieces were indeed awesome to have because they aren’t that bright to wear and at the same time it does not look that dull that can you tired off on looking, meaning they’re just in the middle range or in balance when it comes to men’s summer outfit for this year 2016.

 photo freemans-sporting-club-ss16-4_zpsynm2uf4m.jpg

 photo freemans-sporting-club-ss16-7_zpsiikf0edg.jpg

Actually, I simply liked the brand,Freemans Sporting Club, pieces because they’re just speaks on my style that is why when I saw them online and shares their newest pieces to offer, I am just so pleased then to include them up here as for my readers to know about them and to actual avail as they have the same style as mine…

Men’s Summer Essentials

 photo BeachBoy-Spread10FF_zpsfoq4l7do.jpg

You might already feels the humid weather at your country as this moment for the summer is about to happened anytime soon hence you should need prepare yourself out for some fashion outfits that you can pull off and at the same time the summer essentials to have for you to coop up with the weather that much.

Actually, as for my summer essentials, sunblock cream for both face and body are truly needed because it does protects our body especially the face ares on the severe hit that the sun gives hence you should also have yourself too for this kind.

As for the fashion accessories, sunglasses are the star as it also protects your eye in the disgusting sun rays that can defect your eyes as you dont wears it. Of course, lastly – summer outfits or light clothes are the best to wear off this season. I prefer myself to have this mini shorts that is best for beach and swimming just pair it off with the awesome colored top – whether shirts or basic tees will do..

Reviving Your Love Life

 photo girl_zpsaxdukt8b.jpg

Keeping the flames of love alive is hard especially if you have been married for a long time. It seems as if your physical connection with one another is slowly slipping away. No need to worry because there are ways to keep a couple’s physical connection burning. Put on a little of your partner’s cologne behind your ears and beneath your nose since this increases your arousal and puts you in the right mood for love. Another thing that you can do is to go for a bicycle ride. According to some research, this activity can make you do better in bed because it enables increased blood flow throughout the arteries and vessels. Another thing that couples can do is to relax and cuddle and go with the flow of things or better yet get you both online and check some Ebony Cams for live performance that can gives thrills to both of you. Yes! it does works hence you should try it yourself.

 photo karisinin-bulasigina-yardim-eden-erkek_921608_zps2ejysalf.jpg

Studies show that flirting causes a woman’s body to produce oxytocin, a hormone secreted by the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland and also known as the cuddle hormone or love hormone which is released when people snuggle up and hug. Let yourselves be aroused by not holding back and flirting with your other half. Another way to get your physical connection going again is to watch a movie, specifically a thriller or do something that is adventurous because what excites you physiologically will surely add pleasure to the relationship. Furthermore, always brush your teeth because the taste of a couple’s kiss affect their interest in intimacy.

 photo hot_zpsva7nqap6.png

Also try watching porn together or the famouse online sex chat. Check out free websites like Firecams ,online chat, where you can find an online performer and help you let the fire flow back into your relationship. Choose from different categories like Age, Ethnicity, Specialty, Hair Color, Body Type, Kinks, Kinky Attributes, Orientation, and Gender. Ebony Cams is where you will get to interact with black girls. Browse their profiles and choose the ladies you like the most. Then try to chat with them for free.

Romantic statement kind of wedding dress at Cocomelody

 photo tumblr_static_tumblr_static_3324f7unmtkww08k08kw0o4g0_640_zps8plm0vw1.jpg

On today’ wedding trend. There were a bunch of designs and selections that a bride can choose from with, there was this backless kind of designs that are perfectly fits in any skinny gels out there, also there were some dresses too that can cover up your flaws and this specialized with plus size, you can ask your designers about it as they were pretty knowledgeable about this kind of wedding gowns and dresses. However, if you still prefer the vintage kind of wedding gown for your wedding matrimony and still be looking odds and chic I prefer you to have this backless wedding dresses because these dresses are inspired in the 80’s era that can gives this romantic statements as you wears any. You can actually check over Cocomelody for the list and selections of designs that can fits on your own style and personality.

 photo 2016-Wedding-Dresses_zpsyexuhkw3.jpg

Actually, wedding gowns are very board today wherein there’s a tone of designs available to choose from as a bunch of designers were fond of making new type of wedding dresses that can pleased everyone based on its need. But if you were asking me though, I would like to see my girl wearing any open back wedding dresses because it can showcase it’s feminism at the same time it does wear comfortably as it has an open back in it. sounds reasonable, right?

 photo cwxt15012_c_zpsixqihjfb.jpg

 photo cwxt15012_b_zpsjbx5qn8e.jpg

Also, if you aren’t that fond in the wide open back type of wedding dress, to at least consider your girl wearing open back wedding dresses because you have to be considerate about the time span of the wedding ceremony and we dont want to have any trouble encounter specially for your bride as she was the main eye of the event. Because usual scenario in some wedding was a bride is fainting as it has this stuff wedding gown that can gives her uncomfortable feeling.


Your Guitar Best Strings

Are you looking for the best strings for your electric guitar or acoustic guitar? if so, why not checking this awesome and very durable strings called bootzilla were mostly music icons are pretty pleased to have. Actually, musicians are into this strings as for their guitar because the strings are in quality though the price is quite expensive to have and yet the brand assured you that the string will last for good years already. Hence, it is the best for your guitar to have than others cheapest out there that wouldn’t lasted for at least a month, at least.

Save Money On Your Wedding With These DIY Ideas

DIY weddings are becoming more and more popular each year and it’s easy to see why. Even though it often means more work for the soon to be married couple, they can often be a more budget friendly option. Not only that, they can add more personality and give you more control over certain aspects of your big day. But often many couples aren’t sure where to start or which parts of their wedding they can do themselves. So to help you get started here are some DIY ideas that you can try when planning your wedding to save yourself some money. In addition, it’s a great idea if you do consider in having bridesmaids proposal box as well which can added spice for the entire wedding ceremony.

 photo 3881893525_d7d6e48cde_z_zps63fchbvf.jpg


Your Wedding Stationery

Wedding stationery is an essential part of your big day that can cost a lot to create and send out. Speciality cards, custom-made envelopes and postage fees add up, especially if you’re inviting a lot of people. So why not some of your costs and DIY your wedding stationery yourself. You can find DIY wedding invitations from Pure Invitation and other suppliers online. You can choose a suitable design you like, personalise it and have all the necessary pieces sent to you. You can then spend an hour or two on your evenings and weekends carefully assembling your invitations and cards. Alternatively, you could design your own invitations and print them out at home. This will allow you to create stationery that you love and that reflects the theme for your wedding perfectly. Just remember to avoid any styles and sizes that are too heavy or large as this will raise the postage price.

 photo 11636802655_36d7574bbb_z_zpshmsitzpo.jpg


Your Makeup

There is no written rule that you have to have a professional makeup artist to do your wedding day makeup. If you’re quite happy to do your own makeup then why not just do it yourself. This will save you travel expenses to and from a salon and gets rid of the makeup artist’s fee from your budget. It will also stop you getting stressed out about being ready on time as it’s up to you to do it. So wash all of your makeup brushes and invest in some new makeup products. This will be far cheaper than paying a makeup artist and makes the process that extra bit special. Always do a few practise runs in the weeks leading up to your wedding and take pictures of yourself to see what works best. Look online for wedding makeup inspiration and try out a few styles before you commit.

 photo 4589685202_78fbb5486b_z_zpsuxe8mwjt.jpg


Your Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes are a focus point that many of your guests will look forward to seeing on display in your venue. But as with most things wedding-related, wedding cakes can be more costly that you probably realise. So if you love baking and decorating cakes, why not put your skills to good use and make your own wedding cake. Take a look at sites like thekitchn for DIY wedding cakes inspiration and recipes. Again, you will need  give yourself plenty of time to practise before hand to make sure you get it just right. Invite some friends over to try out a few cake options to get their opinions on flavours and decoration. You will also need to work out which is the best way to transport your cake to your venue without it being destroyed. Do some test runs and determine which route avoids things such as speed bumps and sharp turns which could damage your cake.

wedding photography photo 7788563458_76d5b9e3ca_z_zpseu3ufpwa.jpg


Your Wedding Music

While DJ’s and live bands are popular choices for weddings, they can also put a strain on your budget. As a fantastic alternative, you can create your own wedding playlist. Instead of letting someone else choose the songs, you and your partner can choose songs that hold some significance to you both. You can also ask your guests to send you some song recommendations they would like to hear at your reception. This brings a far more personal touch to your big day without having to spend a lot of money to achieve it. Just make sure that your venue has a strong internet connection if you want to create your playlist online.
These are just a handful of ideas you can try when creating your DIY wedding. But there are many more you can try too. Just remember not to take too much on by yourself or you may find yourself overwhelmed with projects that all need to be completed. Why not plan a DIY night where you invite your bridesmaids and friends round to help you. This will make the process a lot more fun and get things done much quicker.