Learning to Shop For My Girlfriend


My girlfriend and I always date on weekends because that’s the only time we are free. We started dating even since we were in college and dating back then was easier than now because when we were in college, we can date whenever we are free and not only during weekends. Also, we have holidays thrice a year. Ever since we started working, we haven’t been dating so often and giving that my girlfriend loves shopping, it is impossible for us to skip a day of shopping every weekend.

Hence, every weekend when we date, we would go shopping. My girlfriend loves to shop for her own clothes but being a wonderful girlfriend, she spends a lot of time finding me clothes too. I trust her choices because she has a great taste in fashion and clothes. Well, which girl doesn’t? Every time we go shopping, she would be the one buying clothes for me and I seldom get her clothes. Therefore, I once planned to get her clothes too and I went shopping without her. I went alone and see how well I could choose clothes for my own girlfriend. As expected, I was dead tired after a day and in the end I got nothing.

I went home and started browsing clothes online instead. One of my friends gave me a website which could fit in to my requirements. I went to the website that he gave me which was Damart and true enough, that was a really great website for online shopping. From there, I got the thing that I had in mind. Next time I’m definitely going to shop online and it will be Damart online because it is convenient, easy and they always have beautiful and affordable clothes on sale. Most importantly, it saves my time to go to the mall and walk my legs off.

Taeyang x Boy London


Taeyang, Korean singer belongs to the group Big Bang, had spotted wearing an dope cap( as always) from the London brand called Boy London. The brand is newly heard from me because as we all know, I usually blogged some of those well and high-end fashion brands. But anyways, this brand, as I checked, I must say, all of their pieces esp. those men piece are really swag and has this dopeness that’s why Taeyang is considered their piece “boy cap” for their one of performances this recently.

Actually, Taeyang is really used to wear some baseball caps( other called it swagger caps) because this was his trade mark I believed since he became a celebrity..


“BOY” cap by Boy London

Awesome Glasses


On my free time, my usual deed was to check those awesome online stores who offers  great and dope pieces that we are looking forward too on today’s fashion. Because these pieces are the most trends,hippest that everyone getting crazed with today, that’s why being aware off rather much better having them in your hand is quite relieving on your end..

Today, Ive found this awesome glasses on the online store that I recent checked and yeah – I’d hooked up my self to this and I wanted it now to be mine..LOL look, this too much awesome,right? by the way, I might have this for free – how? will let you know soon..hehhe

Off topic: have you know any blade sharpening, the handy one, that I may use to sharpen my knife or whatsoever needed to be sharpen? if you know any, please do tell me by leaving an comment below. Alright, that’s it for now and have a great day ahead..Thanks

Kipling Bags From LuggageBase.com

Bags are among the most important accessory for both men and women. Their function is more than just to enhance or accent your overall look but to store your important and personal things. This is the reason why strength and durability is among the usual considerations when buying bags, especially luggage bags. Of course, design is also among the topmost consideration and the trick is often finding a bag that is stylish and trendy but also strong and durable at the same time.

When it comes to bags that are an excellent mix of strength and style, Kipling bags are among the top bags that usually come to mind. Its bags rate high in durability and its trademark design that comes in various colors is trendy and versatile.

LuggageBase.com is a web site that offers a wide selection of bags of various brands such as American Tourister, Travelpro, and of course, Kipling. Below are some of the different types of Kipling bags that you can find at the site.


Kipling Anatomy Large duffel

  • Duffel bag. Duffel bags are great for a quick overnight getaway or even just your regular trip to the gym. Kipling has duffel bags in various sizes such as the Kipling Anatomy 24” Duffel Medium and the Kipling Anatomy 30” Duffel Large. If you need a bigger space, Kipling also offers some wheeled duffel such as the Kipling Canyon 30” Wheeled Duffel and the Kipling Madison 22 Wheeled Duffel, both of which you can easily choose to carry on your shoulders by its straps or pull it so that it rolls on its wheels.

Kipling Digigo Laptop Tote

  • Tote bag. Kipling is very popular for its functional and easy to carry tote bags. Some of Kipling tote bags are designed specifically for carrying laptops such as the Kipling Digigo Laptop Tote and the Kipling Digitude Laptop Tote. The Kipling laptop tote bags make them excellent alternatives to the old-style stiff black laptop bags.

Kipling Bloomwood S22 Carry-on Upright

·         Carry-on bag. A good carry-on bag will be able to hold numerous things, lightweight, and stylish enough to bring almost anywhere. Kipling carry-on bags such as the Kipling Bloomwood S22 Carry-on Upright and the Kipling Brixen M 18” Trolley Carry-on fit the bill really well. Just like all Kipling bags, the Kipling carry-on bags come in a variety of colors and you will surely find one or more colors to suit you

Kipling Fairfax Medium Shoulder Bag

  • Shoulder bag. For those who want a more feminine appeal to their bags, Kipling also offers some shoulder bags in various designs such as the Kipling Fairfax Medium Shoulder Bag and the Kipling Lancelot Snap Front Shoulder Bag. Kipling shoulder bags are simple but very chic and they appeal to women of various ages.