Brand Awareness

Today is the last day of the month of June, and one thing that got in mind which is promoting my other blogs through this post as long my cousin’s blogs as well that other professional may call it brand awareness if I don’t mistaken the term though. Anyways, This recently my sister lhou bought another domain that has already PR4 ( but as Google updated this very recent, the domain has dropped into N/A that we cant expected to happened but that’s life though, we cant expect the things happened,right? So yeah! the domain has a poor pr today.LOL

As Ive said I will then promote my other blogs on this entry that you can see on below. – This was my personal fashion blog which Ive tackled all things that has related on the fashion industries that I found it interesting to read and then share to my readers. – This domain was given to me by my sister Jane that now its mine and I have one co-owner to this blog named Ann Suing but she’s my cousin. – My personal thoughts and rants are belongs to this blog, so you may read more of me to this blog.

Okay, that all what I’ve got, I hope you may visit these blogs as you’re got spare time then. Thanks

Kids Fashion

Not only those big man can be fashionable but also those cute little boy. Yeah! on today fashion, kids are included in all inspiration of those awesome creation on today’s trend. Because kids are the real meaning of fashion, how? because kids are indeed confidence by wearing their stuff on without thinking on what are those peeps could tell to them, not like for us matured once where we did thinks on what are the people could say on your wardrobe and so. Which is a wrong way of thinking,right? because the real meaning of fashion is freedom wherein you can wear what are you think will suits on you comfortably and what pieces that you’ll think that can give confidence on you,right? so yeah! let us be kid’s mind as you wanted to be fashionable.

A Late Father’s day greetings

This must be a belated happy father’s day to all Dad out there. Because I forgot to greet you all yesterday when was the celebration happens. Anyways this was a day where we can tell how much we treasured all the things that our father did to us since then, thought we can tell him so, every time. But there was some child who doesn’t want to show rather tell his and her cares every time to their parents. I dunno what are they reasons are, why they’re liked that. Maybe becuase they’ll find it corny when they tells I love you to their parents? I bet so! but please give this day to your father and show and tell to him how much you love him and even on your mother. Because without them we cant live an perfectly life to this world that no one can give you, becuase parents know best!

So yeah, this was my short message to all of you kids and a greeting to all great DAD in the World. I am did hands down to you all.

banned on adsense(LOL)

Yeah! this was a funny thing. Why? becuase Google did banned me with some reasons that I really dunno, to the fact that I don’t using my adsense accounts *(adverts) so often to my blogs. oh well. Its okay with me becuase I don’t actually work to adsense since Ive got some issues to them before. Anyways that’s life then, you cant expect some things happened,right? though I still have remain 25 usd over my account but yet that’s not a big loose to my pocket becuase I did have some programs that can support me on the monthly basis without having any hardship to got any clicks coming over.

Okay, that’s it for now and will update you soon as Ive got any messages coming from the adsense team on which violations that I did. Because they couldn’t notify me since now.LOL

Who’s the Winner?

Who’s the winner? and where are those trophies? Yeah! I asked that question last night on the basketball league that held here at our place. Too bad on those winners then because they wasn’t get their trophies with them because the president of the town hasn’t enough of budget to spend on the trophies. But still they got an money instead for the effort but I think trophy is the best than any money because that was the sign that you are indeed great on by playing the sport. Anyways there was an next time for the trophy.

Safety First

Me and my family are planning to have an vacation this following month on the one of the well know beach that’s near to our place. Though its quite near then but yet still we couldn’t been there yet(LOL) so yeah! this was our first time to go to that place that I was worrying about. Why? because liked what Ive said this was an first time and I hope all things will be safe and I think medical air evacuation will be a big help to each other as we’re on the place already. Okay, that’s it for now and I will upload some of our pictures soon. Thanks!

I Simple Envy

I admit I’m so envious to those people who used to play piano on their own. Because as I blogged to this site previously, I was planning to learn the instrument though but too bad on me becuase I was quite old then just to learn the piano,right?  but yet still I am looking forward to it. Will try this year if I can buy my own piano then I’ll pursue this frustration of mine. And not just that, becuase I wanting to learn to play the guitar as well, Yeah! I’m such dreamer to achieve these frustrations here.LOL

Korea’s Got Talent an Inspiration and Real Talent( Choi,Sung-Bong)

My Heart’s touched on the store of this man lives. He really such an inspirations not only on his countrymen but also to us all people who are dreaming to achieve all we wanted in life. Please do watch the video on top and you may feel how lucky you are having a family and who supported you in any things that you needed.

Adsense doesnt work on me

I’m quite envious to those bloggers who’re getting some bucks on adsense. Because me as you can see I haven’t working on the ad network at this moment. Why? It just simply I don’t like.LOL yeah! its my choice then to not to put any adsense over this blog due with some plans that I was cooking  through this blog. Actually I was a good earner on the network before but when I realized that there was some another big opportunities out there, by then on. I decided to not to work on the network for good.

And the other reason was, adsense had these a lot of rules that you’ll have to follow that can effect on your blog revenue sooner, that’s why maybe some of those big fish sites aren’t have this adsense with them though they’re getting a lot of traffics that they might earn big if they have the ads so. Yeah, theseare my reasons as well that’s why I pulled my adsense’s out. But if I’d got any changes then to work on it I surely back my adsense to my blogs.

Disability Problem

Its not avoidable when we gets on the old ages. We can definitely experience this disability problem wherein we have to do some disability appeal for us to get some support on our government and any agencies that we were applied before. Like SSS,heath care,life and health insurance and all. Because these agencies are the one who can help us in terms of the hospital bills,medicine as we went through in any accident or just being naturally old illnesses. I suggested you to fix all of the necessarily files and taxes as early as now to get these benefits soon as you got older.