Preparing on the New Year’s eve

New Year’s is a indeed big deal on our family instead of christmas because we had a different religious belief that is why we use to celebrate new year’s eve than the Christmas, yeah now as this early we use to prepare all thing that we can fun off later night because my sister and parents they do spent some awesome giveaways to our relatives who is here to celebrate the new year’s together us and i think this was the great new year that we can have all so far because we organize a party and raffles draw..LOL i hope the deserve family will get the biggest price then and by other time ill be posting some of this event photos in order for you to get relay on what im telling you here..LOL cant really wait to get at night so that we can get started giving out some  those awesome gifts to relatives and i hopefully  they’ll enjoy their selves too and feel at home guys  and dont  get shy doing your things there..LOL

Ok i need to go now ill update you soon and thanks a lot, had a Prosperous new years to everyone..thanks

How to backup your images on your Wp Blog!

I was on the search engine this a minute ago to find that out on how can i back up my images through this blog because as ive said to you way back time that i was moving on to the new server who can give me this assurances that my blogs wont gets any downtime a long my way because this hosting is freaking me out too badly, anyways i found out that we can still get our images back up to out old blogs under your cpanel x, hows to do that? are you familiar in the ftp client software? if not please do get yours first and ill highly suggested the filezilla and firezilla because they had a great feature i think so, ok as you get any of these ftp client all you have to do net is to login and head over on your file manager on the designated domain that you are about to transfer with and as you can see your domain folder, just find your wp-content on it then down it using the ftp client on your computer by this way i am pretty sure that you can have all of your stuff on your own blogs going to your new server..gets it? i hope you do so that i wont re-blog then again on the future..haha ok if you had any other questions on how to do it , just give me any comment below and as i read it ill definitely answer it the way i understand your question then..thanks

too tired to think..LOL

yeah i admit that my recently post about the adnetwork is not yet grammar checked and i only typed that out so fast then so please bear with it, because i had this dead mind today due with some tiring activities that Ive been came up through because of the holidays celebration, who doesn’t by the way?, thats why i need to post and post now to fill in my archives for this month of December but i think my post about the adnetwork was indeed understandably, yeah? anyways   just forgive me by this time beside its christmas then..LOL

Actually i just dont have this choice just to blog today because i was aiming a great plans on this blog soon that why maybe i am pushing my self though to blog this out even i am not really in the mood, i hope you can understand my end on this one, ok i need to end this up beside i published 2 blog posts today..thats it for now and had a blessed day ahead to everyone..thanks

thankfully to the network “theadnetwork”

2010 is about to end now and let me thank to this blog this program who’s has been considered me (my other blogs) to their network that its why i can still support my online expenses by this time though i am not intact in any paid post right now but yet still im looking forward into that as Google gave me a great green juices soon, hopefully, yeah im to thankfully on the network called theadnetwork because they do pay me every month by just putting out their 3 banners ads on my post and i think they are a great program that Ive been work with as for to day because they doesn’t need any traffic who will driven on their banners as long the banner is still live and kicking you’ll definitely get your payment as the month will end, sounded awesome right? yeah it is thats why im so glade that i found this network and i hope they’ll approved this blog then as i resubmit it again next week, crosses finger to me.LOL

by the way im hoping that payu2blog will consider this blog as well by next year because they keep on telling me that they cant take this blog today and they might approve it as well soon..dang what the criteria that they been looking for to a blog? could someone tell me? im dead and lack of ideas on what this brokers needed of, ok let see soon if i got this blog to get in on the program..LOL

note: this is not a paid post or any sponsorship post..

Time to get my Eon card!

Its been almost 1 month now when the time id applied my self to that eon  card under by the union bank here at my place and by this time i am pretty sure that the card is already available for me to pick up then on the bank branch where Ive been applied but too bad for me though because people are too busy as well by preparing their things on these up coming holidays and a lot of days will surely no work becuase as we all know we use to make our own holidays date here..LOL ok i think by first week of January ill get the card then avail the hosting that i was aiming to get through because lately this blog is extremely down for 5 days  in the record and i dont want to experience it again, yeah i got traumatize becuase a lot of opportunities i had been missed out by that time..:(

Ok thats it for now and sorry for the shortness because i was quite lazy to type now but there’s a lot of cool ideas who roaming on my head now but i decided to blog them out soon, so please keep on visiting me here thanks..


Sorry for the inconvenience, thats the only words that i can say right now because as you could remembered on my previous post Ive thrown a promises to you all guys that starting this month of December ill be simultaneously put my things everyday on this blog because i have something to aim off, but now  i would say that im totally failed because i cant do my posts these past 5 days due with some down time that Ive got been through, thats why now im having this post today, though i can use the scheduled post setting but yet still i dont want to cheat my self out of i hope by next year January i can made this without having any problem on my way,crosses fingers on that, ok thats it for now and need to take my sleep now because i got some sleepless night lately because of the down time that Ive been passed through..LOL ok thanks a lot and have a great day ahead everyone..

Happy Birthday!

Today is my day and i just want to have a break just for to now on my blogging activities and share times to my family because its been 2 weeks now when we been all out for dinner and now its my turn then to treat them out because they were always treated me every time we’re go out..hahaha anyways its ok for me though because i got my december payment through out my blogging tasks, ok thats it for now and ill updated you later as we finished our plans for this specially day of mine..

by the way i think im having a quite problem on my admin panel (just been noticed it)and as we got home later ill  take look into it and  hopefully this may resolve soon, ok need to go now, bye for  and thanks a lot

Computer Addiction!

I know most young one’s nowadays is really admit that they’re all addicted on the computer because of the games that is available  online which called online gaming and me personally i was been addicted as well in such games before when i wasn’t discovered blogging yet because im just here at home without doing anything just to play and play and there’s a time that my parent told me that i was really addicted because i cant able to take my sleep then by that time but when i found out blogging i actually moved out my self for being addicted on those games, thank God because now instead of wasting my time by playing, im here then wasting my time by earning through online and blogging, wow i think im quite awesome now? so you, are you addicted on your computer there? to the sense that you are just doing some games online by then on? actually playing games is not wrong but the inappropriate of that is to abused your self by doing it that you’ll be diagnose as a addicted into it, anyways as long as you can handle it go ahead  just do what you feel can give you such happiness that you can see online as you playing games, ok thats it for now and thanks a lot and please bear with this post because this was only my personal ideas about this issue..thanks

I Feel Blessed Because of my Family!

Indeed, i really felt this  that i was blessed each activities that ill be doing everyday because i had this very supportive family who is always there on my back to guide me and cares with me what ever that i came up with here  thats why its ok for me though if i feels this quite frustration that i got through my way because i know with my family i can pass through all of these and even my weakness will be resolved then by their help to me, though  i wasn’t have this availability to help them financial by this time because i was trying my luck through all of my blogs at this time but yet still here they are who can do what the things that i wont do  and beside of that they do give mw also what i wanted, im so touched and loved by my family and thats why im telling their kindness here just to say thank you with them because i just had this small place in here that i can offer to them which blogging..LOL i know by this simply things, i am pretty sure that they also touched on what ill be telling about them in the whole wide world..

so yeah thats how i looked to my family and my love will always here for them all, ok enough for being such emotional now, need to end up this post..thanks