Thanks a lot for the awesome gift..(dance)

Who doesn’t like freebies? i bet no one,we really like it whatever it is.. as long is free and  and yes gave me a awesome gift that i really like because they been my sponsor quite a while and now they sent me a great pair of flip flop that is absolutely can check the proof below

and i just wanna thank Ms Siti a seo and social media consultant who is working on a uk company the for assisting me and answering all of  my freakkin questions about this free gift and thanks a well for reaching me out though my blog is quite new and have no page rank for now but they still believing that this blog of mine has a potential online that can help their customer to be well know on the search engine..because they do search first to those blogs who has or can have a good standing on Google right now or in the future, i believed .. anyways  i hope not just this awesome flip flop that i can get through out my blogging activities..crosses fingers and wait i will even explain why companies love to advertise to my blogs on my blog and can have a idea on how to work out on it :) see you there..thanks (wink2) 😉

Michael Jackson 1st Death Anniversary

World got shocked when we heard the headlines that the king of pop  passed away, who doesn’t know that its over a year now and again the world  are paying tribute to him on his 1st death anniversary, i know a lot of you are not yet accepted that our beloved king of pop is now on the good place called eternity but that’s life , we have to set our mind that no one that is living in this world aren’t  be permanently until last, and god has the only knowledge and power to know whats gonna  happen to us by the weeks, months passing by… anyways as i watched the news today i really got amazed for Michael Jackson being influential around the world because as i know the whole world are still mourning on what happened on the late king of pop because i was saw some ladies who still crying on the news awhile ago that is showing how much they love the late Michael Jackson who doesn’t by the way?

I know after you watch these two tribute video you’ll surely missed out Michael Jackson moon walk


Admitted i’m not a die fan but please do allow me to share what i think about him by posting this little tribute to him and sorry if you don’t find it informative and such thing..:)

My sister got addicted on the Game Plants VS Zombies


Yes, my sister got addicted on this new craze games nowadays which the PLANTS VS ZOMBIES by pop cap company and i know even you agree that a lot of people are getting hock up on this games because maybe they find it adventurous in away but as i played it once what i felt was i got tense quite a bit because of those freakkin zombies that coming over to your house and eat your brain is really a creepy on my opinion and its like you’re  fighting for your life for real but i dunno with other people on how they find it, just respect my opinion please..hahaah 🙂 anyways because my sister was too addicted on this games she insistently want to buy the full version on it using my paypal money..whhattt? of course i have to disagree because i don’t have any stable earnings online right now because im still waiting on the company that i really frustrating to be part of ,the payu2blog ,anyways of course being i blogger i use to know those crack  wherein we can download some software even a games for free and i pointed her to youtube because youtube is the best sort of cracked software,,believed me, and the day after i told her about the cracked she wont sleep that night until morning just to download the full version of this games and luckily she wont failed because she made it , all effort for being awake whole night was Worthy yeah we have now the full version but the bad thing is i can be able to online earlier because she always using our computer..hhuhuh

Freebies site like the

A friend of mine invited me on this website who can give us such fribiz like what lockerz did, but first before we continue , bear in mind  that this post is not a paid post or advertiser post i just find it interesting that’s why i decided to put in anyways, actually i just browsing the whole site right now and trying my best to understand how is work but as much as i understand it , this site working on a referral basis wherein you have to refer someone that can make points to you then the points you’ve earned can be bid on in any items that is available on their product page , but im not sure though,lol just try to navigate the site if you have your account so, and please don’t request any link out of here to be able for you to sign up on the site because as Ive said that this post was under my disclaimer, just go on the parent link that is written on the title of this post and by the way you must have an facebook account first before signing up, because only facebook can be use to access their sign up link and stuff..:)

Another ways to get an items on beside of the Monthly Redemption Redemption

Due of the huge traffic that i got on my recently post how does lockerz redemption works i just want to share with you guys some ways  for us to get any items/products that we really love on the said website for free that is available on the Lockerz monthly catalog and one of them is by joining their contest(s) but as for to today i wont heard any new contest on their side but i do believe that sooner they’ll have another great contest that most members talk about , just be updated all of the time on their wall, if they’ll having a new one and  its might also help  for you to understand hows that works,lol but no worries they have a shop now wherein we can use our pointz as well not only by their monthly redemption but also to buy any items that we want that is suit on the pointz we have or have any discounted on the certain product(s)that we chosen ..its really depends on the pointz we have..really! but  if you have a lot of pointz you might get the product for free including the shipment fee for just only 150 pointz that is deducted on your total pointz but please bear in mind since the lockerz is on beta right now ,shop would not available on their international members as for today but do fairness to them they still working out regarding on the custom issues in order  their international members can be participate on their shop as well and i hope they’ll resolve it as soon as they can so that everyone will be happy using the site..:)

NOTE: this post is under on my disclaimer..:)

Tavi Gevinson a blogger and founder of

This young lady name Tavi Gevinson caught my attention when was im doing a blog hopping on fav group of blogger which is fashion blog because they are all good and kind by allowing me to have a back link to them , though they cant relay on what im writing about over this blog,,lol anyways i really amazed on this young lady who started blogging on the age of 11, mygoodness this was my first time to encounter such blogger like this because me personally i started blogging on the age 20 and im 21 right now and still i have to learn a lot through out blogging and this young lady keeps me  inspiring that someday i can be influential on the blogsphere as well like what she did..:) by the way if i’m not mistaken she is 15 right now? and i really find her smart and pretty much fashionable with her generation..

Exclusive interview with Tavi Gevinson from 2010 EPIC Awards

Why did i chosen wordpress than blogger to run this blog?


Yes, honestly speaking id really like wordpress as my cms than blogger, why? because as i used blogger before i can differentiate the function of these 2 blogging platform and i would say  wordpress is the best because here at wordpress you can easily add whatever you want too , like pages and other stuff not like on blogger  who needs quite knowledge’s with some codings( html/xml ) to do want you want to show up in the entire blog  that can probably give you some stress  every time you have to put something on it..grrr and here on wordpress there’s was a lot of plugins that can we use for free like a do follow plugin wherein in just one click your blog will be come a do follow blog and a lot more, its really a convenience on my opinion , but on the other hand there’s also a disadvantage using wordpress like hosting, yeah you must have to have a hosting plan who can hold your blog running as long as you want it, that is cost you some pennies beside of your domain name but on blogger all you have do to is to buy a domain in any domain registrar and right after you bought your domain,just change your blogspot url into the domain  that you bought and hosting is totally free because blogger is your hosting its self ,that was good on blogger, lol so you, what will you refer most? me, i still love wordpress till the end,,lol its up to you where do you want to host your blog to be, please dont blame me after all, because this was my only personal opinion about these matter..wink2 :p

Miley Cyrus – Can’t Be Tamed

I don’t get the point why people are getting this video a big deal? so what, if Miley Cyrus  doing some slutty video like this? who cares by the way?lol you know we have to admit the fact that this young lady is getting old now and let her be what she want to do beside a lot of her fans out there ( i know) are waiting this along time ago but please don’t get me wrong i am not a bog fun of her im just doing some review(s) about the so what do you think? this video has a quite resemblance on GaGa videos? maybe because of some custom and the way her dancers move in a way but i would say this video is freakkin hot indeed..uhh

Let us  Miley Cyrus Explain why she” CAN’T BE TAMED “

I want a Ipod touch…lol

Apple Ipod Touch

LOL, here we go again, i am posting some of my wish list once again and i hope by this time i can be able to buy this apple ipod touch (mygoodness),lol because ive been quite untruthful lately on my passed post of wish list? what do you think? anyaways by this time ill promise to my self that ill be more stint in what i spend so that one day i can show to guys that everything that i been posted here is becoming for real, real that i fulfilled things  i want,lol

Actually i can buy this awesome ipod to the help of my parents but still i dont want them to spend because i just want  to buy it my own money that i probably earn to this blog so that i can feel the rewarding feelings right after i bought it..i really hope so,,lol thats it for now and let see after a couple of months if i materialize this wish list of mine..thanks