Hoping to get accepted on theadnetwork.co.uk

Yeah, Im hoping to get accepted on the program that i frustrated to be part of which is theadnetwork,lol because i heard a lot of reviews regarding their program and a lot of people telling that this program has a great deal with us which is giving us a 10 pounds per sign up if you get accepted being their publisher and they given us another 5 pounds per month automatically even you cant drive some traffic to them, its standard! sounds awesome right? but ive been tried so many times to apply into their program using this blog but i ended up with rejection.haahah though i know that im qualify on theirĀ  program because this blog is more on personal content that’s what they’re looking for , i think!

Ill try to apply again after i get posted this blog and by this time hopefully i get accepted then,,hahah (cross fingered) šŸ™‚

Disappointed on netfirms

Using coupon code with certain domain registrar has a lot of issue??

Yeah , i am really disappointed on the domain registrar company called Netfirms because this recently i purchased one . Com domain with them, that is cost me 3.99 dollars only ,because i use the coupon code that available by this time ,of course to have some discount that i really like,lolĀ  but at the back of that i got a problem that i have to resolve first beforeĀ  i can ableĀ  use the domain name that i purchased and i feel so inconvenience with it, because on the first place Ive been deductedĀ  on my paypal and all info was updated then, so what is the problem nor what is their problem?

And when i checkedĀ  my email iĀ  saw their messages telling me that i have to call them first and pass some requirements that they’re really insistentlyĀ  require me like bills of statement that indicates my address that i use on my sign up process and any valid ids available with me ,Ā  i really find it so inconvenience!. why? because why do i have to call them and pass that requirement for just availing one domain? oh my goodness yeah i got discount on my domain but my expenses by calling them is like i purchase a 2 domain with a standard hosting plan,lol so i decided to email them back not to confirm but to cancel my account and refund my money .. and the good things is they responseĀ  immediately and give my money backĀ Ā Ā  . and for that i am hands down with them because they avoid me to get hysterical ,lol

so i hope you can get a little lesson base on my personal experiences by buying a domain name and please do some research first before you get enter in any kind of matter that i tackle..a lots of thanks and have a pleasant day ..:)

I bought a new domain name

Yeah,Ā  Luckily to say , I am hosting another website that i bought this last 2 days ago , though its just accidentally but i see to it, that i can use this on the near future as my money machine blog, but on the other side i am quite worried because i really can feel the pressure right now, In the sense that i am hosting my 3 main website and aside of that i have even a lot of blogs that i hosted for free but regarding with these 3 blog i need to pay on my hosting every month plus the domain per annually that’s why i am quite bothered because these 3 blogs of mind aren’t work in any paid post program and i hope i can survive till the end..huhu

Actually this domain (ronelworld.com) was accidentally bought by this idiot, lol and i never had a plan to buy it at the first place, im just checking out if it is available or not, and the domain was available after all. .thenĀ  suddenly i never knew that i clicked on the check out button and all of the sudden Ive been purchased it ,hahah how idiot iam? yeah its automatically deducted on my paypal because i allowed the domain registrar to automatically deduct on my paypal account, i dunno what is the right term for that matter, and the worsen was after i set up my new domain all i know that is ok now and nothing to worry about ,but when the day after thatĀ  im about to do some post i found out that my hosting plan was exceeded and all of my blogs was blocked,huhuh and they tellingĀ  me that i have to upgrade my hosting plan to a standard one that i have to pay them 5 dollars per month soĀ  they will move the holding status on my account and all of my blogs get visible again on net,its really disappointing right? but i have no choice just to pay them, after all i can use these blogs to earn much, i hope..and after all these payment stuff, ill promise that ill more careful and stint of course,,hehe šŸ™‚ please wish me luck (cross fingered)

So please do read and follow my newest blog-http://ronelworld.com

thanks šŸ™‚

Lazy day!

I am not feeling well, nor im just a lazy butt,lol yeah i dunno what is happening with me right now in the sense that i don’t want to get up on my bed and i don’t want to talk either..grrrr that’s why i decided to write on here to lift up my energy and to ease this kindda feelĀ  i hope!

Since then i feel this kindda thing and other find it weird? what do you thinkĀ  is thisĀ  weirdo? or just a normal for us?lol i know quite sometimes you’ll also feel like this and we wont want this right? because is really suck ,you don’t do what you want and you are quite sensitive for a while i think its called mood swing , anyways there was an idea who sink in on my mind right now, what if ,if i write on my other blog ronelmarin.net in what i feel on a day its like my photo of the day here that ‘s my series of post, yeah ill doing it and i title it How are you maybe?or any title that i think later if i get some mood on the sky ill update you if i started to post about my every feelings..

thanks for reading this lazy post..haha

Requirements to Get Eon card (Union Bank)

Dont have an paypal account your self? just click the banner below to sign up so that you can verify it after..by the way you can check out my other post about on how to verify your paypal account over here http://iamronel.com/tutorial/verify-your-paypal-using-eon-cardunion-bank

Visit http://paypal.com.ph

OK,as we continue on how to avail this Eon card your self, in any nearest Union bank branch with you, all you need is two valid ID’s like the following Driver license , Student Id , postal Id and any government id’s that you have as long it is valid and not yet expired but for instance you don’t have any Id’s with you , just go to your barangay hall and get at least barangay clearance but please bear in mind that you have to indicate on your clearance that you are getting an Eon card or bank account so that the bank can credit your barangay clearance.

After you have all those requirements that needed on your Eon card ,all you have to do next is to apply on your nearest union bankĀ  then ask the bank teller if you can extent the expiry date of the card so that you cant go on the bank annually just to renew it,but if its not possible , all you have to do is to renew it before the card get expired to avoid your account to be hold for a while, by the way the Eon Card can cost you 350 and you need to deposit at least 200 pesos, so you have to bring on your hand is 550 pesos because the 200 pesos can use to verify your paypal account but no worries your 200 pesos will be turn on your paypal account it self after your account get verify and again you can check out my other post on how to verify your paypal account over here http://iamronel.com/tutorial/verify-your-paypal-using-eon-cardunion-bank

funny things about me?

as you can see i often write about paypal and eon card on this blog under my tutorial category because as much as possible i want to help to those newbies and even those people who seek the information about the 2 topic given, but the funny thing was me personally i even dont have the card already and here i am blogging on how we can get the card and what are the requirements, dang what the heck? lolĀ  nope actually i just read the requirement and the procedure on the union bank website its self thats why Ive been decided to rewrite it here but in the unique and my personal content, you know because some other people are quite lazy search the information that they needed to the site or program it self thats why here i am blogging those information to them..ahha check out my next post ill be blogging about my experienced getting the card, yeah i applied already

Ivan Dorschner of Pinoy big brother Teen Clash Edition

I know a lot ofĀ  Filipina Girls out there are searchingĀ  some of the informationĀ  about this half pinoy teenager named Ivan Dorschner because maybe they just want to sympathize on him but in majority i think. they just want him to win because they find him cute? yeah no doubt he was the one of those teens housemate you had a assurance to be the next Gerald anderson on our local showbizness

Though he Lived in U.S.A , he still have an heart like a Filipino because he always visited Philippines every now and then and if he had a time , he see to it that he watchesĀ  some of the Abs-cbn Taping as a live viewer like what you see on the video below

Wowowee Taping

Showtime Taping

Yeah he hadĀ  made some appearances on Philippines televisionĀ  that’s why other are find itĀ  unfair, because they knew someone got him back to get enter easily on theĀ  reality TV show but be realistic guys we all know that all of these teens who got entered on the said tv show are already have their some experiences and appearance on tv and definitely they have their own manager at their back too,,,

Coffee and Bread

Good Morning Peps, how are you today? i hope you are all doing great, ok i just wanna share to you what id liked the most in the morning, why i should? nothing just want to share this out, lol yeah coffee and bread that i usual eat for breakfast and i do like it specially when the coffee is pretty black because i have this belief that coffee is the best anti oxidant to all, what do you think? anyways let me think that way or else i wouldn’t drink the black coffee anymore and of course bread is the perfect match on the coffee right? so you what do you eat for breaksfast? opps i think i ask questions more often to this blog post? nope i just to make fun out of it, ok thats it for now and looking forward for the awesome day ahead, think positive!!

Verify your Paypal using Eon card(union bank)

One of the best way to verify your paypal account is to have an Union eon card because the card was easily to avail and the price isĀ  awesome then, because its only cost you 350 pesos per annually, so if you have a plan to verify your account using this card just watch the full video until its end upĀ  , so that you will know the step by step procedure on how to verify your paypal

E-castig.com is a Scam!

Freebies is the one that i really seeking for on the net, but quite sometimes i just got scammed on what site that i been joined with ,lol like what I’ve been experienced on the website called E-castig.com , Actually at first i have a feeling that this site is really a scam because the site wasn’t look a pro and they have a lot of wrong spelling each one of their pages(like this blog of mine..lol) but still iĀ  give them i change to try what they are offering with us, which is giving some freebies that i know everyone loves, lol so in order for you to get your chosen freebies like iphone,lap top,camera and so on each one of the freebies has a corresponding points that you have to finish by just giving them someĀ  trafficĀ  by just promoting your own link that they given on your profile and if you got finished they say that they will contact you after their given date was ended,but in my case i even finished mine but they wont contact me so i doubt it and trying to researching those winning that they posted on their site and luckily i found one person that posted on the winners list and i ask her if she really won on the site and she told me that she wont even participated on the site and i been proven that this guy is a big scam that’s why ill warn you on this site so that no one can scam again like they did with meeee..