Maison Kitsuné and MR PORTER Collaborate on an Exclusive Capsule Collection

 photo maison-kitsune-mr-porter-capsule-collection-2_zpsldc7vbpz.jpg

One thing that I’ve learned this recently that when it comes to men’s fashion there was this certain piece that we should have for often times, as it does do a great job by making you looks so dope and at the same time neat and fashionable in no time. The piece that I could recommend was this bomber jacket, Yes! believe me or not this is a must piece as you wanted yourself to be in for today’s fashion as the jacket can be wear off in any type of styling you’d trying to pull off, You can wear it for your daily, casual and even to your formal wear it does make a great statement to for you as you knew already on how to pull it off and on your can pair it off to the other pieces you have.

 photo maison-kitsune-mr-porter-capsule-collection-3_zpswoc3y6lz.jpg

Actually, as for my fashion statement, I’d rather go with a shirt basic, preferably white plain tee, then a great fitted jeans for me and a kicks to finish – then of course a great bomber jacket to spice up the whole outfit. That’s why I was so pleased with this recently released brand’s collection named: Maison Kitsuné and MR PORTER Collaborate on an Exclusive Capsule Collection – where actually a collaborated collection where they showcase more the use of bomber jackets as I can see it. You can check the photos on top as I includes 3 of them.

 photo maison-kitsune-mr-porter-capsule-collection-1_zpsy0jeqtvt.jpg

As this moment, I dont know though if this collection is already out to the market to avail but I am pretty sure that any moment these days you could just sees some of them hanging at any affiliated stores in both online and mortar stores hence you should keep your eyes open for this..

Big Savings on Purchases at Groupon Coupons

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This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Online shopping has become so popular, so much so that it has become hard to choose a store to shop in because there’s just so many to choose from. Its popularity also pushed online sellers to sell a wide variety of products that were once only available in a physical store. This is a good thing especially for people who are too busy to even go to the mall. However, there’re a couple of things to remember when buying stuff online. A good credit card can save you a significant sum if you’re intelligent about using them. Figure out which credit card is most appropriate for the way you spend. Also find out which stores charge sales tax as opposed to those that don’t since this can add a significant sum to the total purchase price of your order.

 photo Top-Reasons-Why-Online-Shopping-Is-On-Rise-In-India_zpszr4gnyqm.jpg

You can also save money by purchasing from retailers that have cash back rewards. These stores usually give you 5 to 10% cash back on your purchases. It’s wise to take advantage of out of season sales and stock up on clothes at a great price. Also keep an eye on flash sales but check meticulously if you’re getting a good deal. Use a trusted price comparison site to know that what you’re buying really has the cheapest price in the market. Furthermore, always make sure that the site’s checkout is secure before charging your credit card because a lot of websites appear secure but aren’t necessarily safe.

You can likewise save money by availing of coupons. There’re many websites that has an extensive database and provide the best deals, discounts, and coupons. Groupon Coupons offer a vast mobile and online marketplace where customers discover and save on things to see, do, eat, and purchase. Categories include Beauty/Spas, Food/Drinks, Health/Fitness, Electronics, Automotive, Things to Do, and Travel. Membership is free and you can browse coupons by city or by store. Get to avail of updated and verified coupons from stores like Nordstrom, JCPenny, Adidas, Macy’s, Kohl’s, Puma, and Travelocity among others.

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Visit Groupon Coupons to get a hold of all the amazing coupons and grab the best deals. Also like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.

Student life tips: Sharing a house

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As a student, you’ll probably spend your first year in university halls. After this, you’ll most likely be heading into a student house, which will usually see you sharing with a number of people. When this happens, it can be tough to adjust to living so closely with other people.

Here are some tips from experienced student lettings agency letslivehere to ensure you get the most out of your time living together.

Share contact details and emergency information

This may seem boring, but it’s important to share your contact details and emergency contacts with your flatmates. This will be useful in case of emergencies and also if one housemate stops paying rent and you need to chase down their guarantor.

Meet your housemates before moving in

If you don’t know the people you’re moving in with or you only have passing ties with them, you’ll need to meet up to make sure you’re all a good fit. If you’re alone and trying to find a space in a house that is already occupied, you should try to get to know the other housemates. This helps determine personality fit and lifestyle fit, avoiding nasty surprises down the line!

Be courteous to each other

Partying together is great, but no one likes the guy who blasts music at night when everyone else is trying to sleep. Make sure you all understand each other’s schedules and try your best to live in harmony. Having an overnight guest is generally fine but the situation can turn sour if they’re continually at your property but not contributing financially.

Devise a schedule

Dishes and other chores pile up quickly when you’re busy studying and hosting parties. Agreeing on a cleaning rota so everyone has tasks to stick to will help keep mess to a minimum and prevent arguments.

Cooking should either be done individually or as a group, which saves on costs but demands you all like the same food. A cooking rota can help but some people may want to cook individually – so it’s worth bringing this up with everyone as soon as you can.

Organise bills

Paying bills may be a chore but it’s unavoidable. Students are no exception. Resentment can quickly grow if one of you is slacking or using lots of electricity compared to everyone else, so you’ll all need to have a discussion about how much you’re comfortable paying and stick to a budget. Bills should be paid by splitting the cost between everyone.

If you find any of your housemates are slacking, it’s time for a meeting. Confront them about it, gently at first — they could have an underlying problem. If they’re just plain lazy, issue them an ultimatum. Everyone should pull their weight so you can all enjoy a happy student life.

Advantages of Cash on Delivery Option When Shopping Online

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When shopping online the first thing you should think if the online shop you’d getting your goodies are reputable enough to throw up your hard earned money? if you are not sure though I’ll then suggest you to have look on these shops that has a payment option of Cash on Delivery as this was the most safe and convenient for both party. So how this works? well, I have done it some many times at some local stores here where I currently resides and I must say it does really convenient thus no doubt why others are prefers this kind of payment option than over credit cards.

 photo evening-package-delivery-doorman-522x348_zpszumyv16r.jpg

Advantages of Cash on Delivery Option

  • It’s so convenient like what I says because all you have to do is to checkout the goodies you want and have it delivered on your door step and as the courier arrives you’ll just hand the exact amount of the items you bought, simple as that.
  • You dont have to apply in any credit card companies just to enjoy Online Shopping as mostly online shops has this kind of options already
  • As you chose this payment option, you dont have to be verified like what they usually do as you use credit card as you keen to pay it over cash.
  • You can enjoy your entire shopping expeirnce without worry as this was the most safest option you can go, you feel at ease most of the time.

And for more Benefits of COD ideas, you can try checking them all over google as someone is much knowledgeable about it than me.

Designer Wedding Dresses From

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Planning to walks towards the altar soon? if so, you should then prepare your things before the big day happened, because as we all know that preparing a wedding isn’t that easy job to do as you need to settled all things done before the wedding day.

 photo jwxk15002_a_zpszjnpqf0f.jpg

One most important thing you should first have was a wedding dresses because this was make your bride looks beautiful for her day hence you should get only the best for this day and I suggest you ti have look this awesome wedding dress shop calls Cocomelody where all the lovely and chic dresses were houses. Actually I lurked the shop quite awhile now and am telling you that they’re consistent on giving out all the best and in trend kind of wedding dresses, you can check them out now for you to see or yourself on how great they are.

As I’ve noticed, the shop, has a lot of wedding dresses with sleeves and designer wedding dresses that are in demand today when it comes to wedding gowns that it’s means that this shop is really working hard just to give out their consumers the best and in quality kind of dresses that can make them look so elegant on their wedding day.

 photo Trumpet-Mermaid-Wedding-Dresse_zpsqcwswebb.jpg

And as you worry about the shipping fees and additional fees? no worries then as they’re fond of giving this code for you as you spend at least 300 USD in one go and definitely you can enjoy the free shipping promo everywhere in the world! jut dont forget though to use the code: W4 as you check out for this free shipping promo to applies.

 photo logo_zpsacogpf0m.png

The most reliable wedding dress shop online!

Chic Prom Dresses for 2016

 photo a-line-o-neck-beaded-crop-top-floor-length-tulle-skirt-two-piece-prom-dress-wnpd0354_zpso6wreart.jpgA-line O Neck Beaded Crop Top Floor Length Tulle Skirt Two Piece Prom Dress$176.00

In fashion, we all know that it evolves based on its needs and time. Actually, I love the vintage kind of inspiration when it comes on my own fashion styling but for girls I supposed you really wanted this newly and innovated kind of finds that of course can makes you stands out as you wears them. Why I says so? well, as part of this generation the usual thing that we use to have or wear for decades has already changed into something better and one of it was the classic prom dresses. Yes! you heard it right my babe if you really wanted yourself to be as cool as other as you have to attend your promenade pretty soon – I’d then suggest you to have these chic prom dresses, any of them actually, on this shop called winniedress where all these lovely and quirky dresses were houses.

 photo black-long-sleeve-a-line-bateau-floor-length-satin-two-piece-prom-dress-wnpd0422_1_zpsytovw0ha.jpg

Black Long Sleeve A-Line Bateau Floor Length Satin Two Piece Prom Dress$148.00

The shop, winniedress, is giving you all girls some great finds to consider. They did have these classy kind of gowns which can make you feels like princess like the usual one – but by this time they’ve uses some other details that can make a great accentual to the totality of the dress hence it does looks like a newly designed one unlike the oldies kind of gowns where the balloon trend are one on their peak which I dont recommend for this time being.

But the one that got my attention that much was this awesomely made two piece prom dresses which is first time to see for this year. Yes! they have it two piece now instead of the classic one piece which I know most girls out there are tired of wearing. You can now choose your like at the shop I’ve mentioned and have it deliver on your door step in no hassle time as they have a great delivery scheme to offer. Just check them out now and have your first prom dresses under 200 to them.

 photo a-line-beaded-high-neck-tulle-keyhole-back-floor-length-two-piece-prom-dress-wnpd0344_zpssj72og1f.jpgA-line Beaded High Neck Tulle Keyhole Back Floor Length Two Piece Prom Dress$185.00

Also, if you wanted to update yourself in the shop’s newly made dresses and promo discounts. I encourage you all to follow them on their social channels below:


Stussy Gears up for the Summer With New Essentials

 photo stussy-2016-summer-collection-1_zpsfblzrjac.jpg

One of the leading brand in street wear fashion called stussy had releases its new summer essentials finds this recently which I know you dope guys are looking forward to have soon.

Actually, this was my first time seeing the brand considering to have another finds in neon colors as the brand itself is fond on the plain white or black kind of piece – maybe because they hugely target market were these street guys who loves pulling into basic finds but good thing though that the brand is considering to have some colors now for their other consumers like myself whose also wants to gear up sort of summer finds these days.

 photo stussy-2016-summer-collection-3_zps6trgbfa7.jpg

Though the brand hasn’t remove or abolish the dull type colors and yet they have to have it done as this was their trade mark before thus you can also expect some dull colors, I must say, included for this collection.

 photo stussy-2016-summer-collection-5_zpslq029deg.jpg

For this new collection, they’ve also made some great shorts to pair and I should commend them as these finds are pretty perfect for this season and as I can see it these shorts are pretty comfortable to wear as they comes to garter unlike the usual shorts with button.

REBEL8 2016 Summer Lookbook

 photo rebel8-summer-16-lookbook-6_zpsdhniewuu.jpg

REBEL8 is coming back for their newly made pieces for their summer collection 2016. Though I think this was quite late already to release and yet they’ve made it which I know most of you dope guys out there are dying to have.

Actually, these were just included for their lookbook and I’d still dunno if these pieces were already released in the market or not as the brand haven’t emailed me yet regarding it. But no worries, as I have the latest update I’ll be surely keeps on posted here hence you have to be stick on this site more often for the updates as you keen to now further about this REBEL8 2016 Summer Lookbook.

 photo rebel8-summer-16-lookbook-2_zpsxw5f5vwx.jpg

 photo rebel8-summer-16-lookbook-1_zpsxfjft8xk.jpg

REBEL8 is on of the street wear brands that I really look forward to, as they always keen to have all the dope pieces we should have for the certain season thus everyone, especially guys, are keeping their eyes on it as they releases another new pieces to consider.

As for their new summer finds. I must say, these were really into street wear and as I can see it these type of pieces were perfectly anytime in a day thus every guys are pretty pleased to have these pieces from the brand.

Finishing touches for the business gentleman

 photo business-839788_1920_zpsmwmrztqe.jpg

Source: Pixabay – Business Casual

In business, as in life, first impressions count. Big time.

It takes just seven seconds for anyone to judge your intelligence, how much they trust you, how successful they think you are and whether or not they’re going to like you.

In that time, your appearance is the biggest single factor being assessed so it’s up to you to make that count.

You may know how to make a good impression outside of the boardroom, but when you’re starting a new job or meeting key stakeholders or clients, the stakes are high. Here’s how to ace it.

  • Know your environment

Every work environment and culture is unique – and you need to have a good idea of what makes it tick. Is it a stuffy tax office or a too-cool-for-school boutique agency, and what’s the “norm” they appear to expect? Use resources like the company website and LinkedIn to see how people present themselves. You can use the same trick to size up new clients or contacts.

The aim here is not to copy everyone but to see how they choose to present themselves. In any formal environment, it’s easy to make an impact with minor deviations and clever choices. But if everyone’s already dressing smart casual with designer jeans, you’re going to need to leave the suit at home.

  • Define your style

Now you know what “normal” looks like, it’s up to you to choose the aesthetic that matches how you want to come across.

Are you the forward-thinking visionary in a sea of grey? Then consider a base of restrained trousers with a solid-colour shirt, coupled with a tailored, colourful sports jacket. Spruce up the jacket with contrasting hand-stitched finishing and peak lapels.

Looking for more authority? If it’s a formal environment, try a well-crafted, navy two-piece suit with a crisp white or pale pink shirt as complements your skin tones. If it’s more laid back, pair raw jeans with a solid, darker shirt and tailored jacket.

  • Balance with the right accessories

The subtle details you bring to an outfit will mark you out as a true business gentleman.

The classic starting point is the watch; an area where men can invest significantly to make a statement. A classic automatic mechanism is a classy touch and the default for leading brands. Make sure to choose a mens watches that matches the size of your wrist and consider how different timepieces affect your overall appearance, from statement-making metal bracelets straps, to elegant leather straps.

As you build a collection of watches, invest in a watch winder to look after them. Modern winders have stylish cases, silent mechanisms and mean your automatic watches will be ready to go whenever you are.

Though ties are increasingly obsolete in the day-to-day business world, you can still dress your outfit up with a mid-width tie, secured with a simple silver tie bar. Similarly, a bold coloured pocket square in your jacket pocket adds a distinctive flair.

Waistcoats should be avoided in most industries as too dressy. However, if you’re a creative type, a vintage waistcoat makes a striking combination with jeans and a high-collared shirt.

 photo entrepreneur-593358_1920_zpsbai4rzt0.jpg

Source: Pixabay – Entrepreneur

  • Stay true to yourself

Whatever route you take, craft an identity that’s true to your strengths and that you feel comfortable with. If you can’t deliver what your appearance promises, the power of your first impressions will go south, fast.

Over time in a business relationship, how you talk, act and think will hold far more sway than how you dress – so be sure create a look that sets the scene for the legacy you want to leave.