Why Comments is Pretty Important?

I had this question in hand “Why Comments is Pretty Important?” that is roaming on my head a moment ago thats why Ive been decided to share it for and to see how do you think about the topic that ill be tackling now, so now? what do you think is the main reason why certain blog needs a great amount of comments? well as i see it, blog needs comments because when its come on the promotional campaigns,let say you are candidate to be consider on the private advertisers campaign and of course advertiser check your blog reputation first and how your blog works on the search engine before they can go further right? so comments is a must because they can nearly see that your blog is well know by having a comment on it at least each one of your post as much as possible and thats i looked into it, how’s yours? care to share your thoughts about this topics? just feel free to use my comment box so that we can widen our each other knowledge about this topic..ahha

and one thing that i am pretty sure comments can be definitely basis your online influential, much comments that you get,much offers that you can get because of your readers help..i think this was the great factor on this, what do you think?

why cached blog on Google is really important?

Do you have an cached blog already to the Google search engine? if so, that will be great, why? because i think advertisers nowadays are quite picky to those blogs who they might consider with on their offers to be and i think due with some new trends on the search engine cached blog is quite hard to do? yeah i think with some new bloggers out there but you know there was an easy way on how to make that matter, trust me this will works on me every time i host a new blog, so what i did was a blog hopping, yeah by simply commenting a certain do follow blogs, your blog standing on the search engine was increasing then who can bring your site on the good condition which will be cache on the search engine and after you did all of that and you built your link already, i am pretty sure that every time you publish a new blog post google definitely cached it in short period of time than to those blog who haven’t some inlinks around Google.

How can you find out if your blog is already cached? well use this format on your Google search engine “Cache:your blog domain” example “Cache:iamronel.com”  then hit the search button and you’ll see if your blog is pretty cached on the search engine, simple steps right? so yeah try it now and check your own blog(s)..thanks

Subdomain Blog can extremly earn to the site brokers?

Yeah, i think i need to explain this one, why other subdomain blogs can extremely earn than to those own purchased domain blogs in some sort of time, because i think subdomains blogs had a great alexa rankings already that most advertisers seek about on a certain blogs and of course subdomains blog gets a great stat around google because of the parent domain on it? thats how i look into it( not sure though) but i am not referring on the big bosses which the wordpress.com and blogger.com, ok i was telling to those online companies out there who can give a free subdomains blog using the wordpress as a blogging platform, yeah there was indeed a lot of that to the web, just search on them if you one to have one..because using the subdomains on wordpress.com is not appropriate due with some rules that you might to follow  under on wordpress restrictions though on blogger rather blospot.com you can rarely earn quite bit but still advertisers knew that the blogspot was owned by Google so they might cant consider your blog alexa rankings under the blogging platform..gets what i mean?

But on the other hand owning a self domain is a great one because nowadays broker companies are staring to require the new publisher/blogger to have their own domain to be ,so that they can get a lot of offers based to them, so yeah i think brokers are making a fair job to those people who spend some pennies and develop the site as much as the blogger can be..

Bad things about link Building

I’ll be practicing my SEO strategies a year now but still i need to learn a lot because as we all know as years goes by SEO are having a new trend on how to optimize our blog due with some Google changes i must say, so please let me tell you what are the bad things that we should avoid too  while we are doing the link building (one of the best way to optimize blog) yeah on link building there’s this called link farming that Google really hates about for a certain blog link because maybe this way is quite cheat on the Google reboot as they update page rank? not sure though but i read this on the Google page its self just forgot the link..lol and as i remembered the link where this posted ill definitely share it out here rather you have it already? ok go ahead and share it on my comment box so that people will buzz out about the link farming rules by Google, anyways one thing that we should consider too, the long of the comment that you are hitting on the one blog because Google can also detected those nearly spammy comments like, awesome post, i like your post, update me more and such short thing..lol trust me on these..

so yeah thats it for now and ill make you an update as i learn a lot on my way..thanks

My New Thesis Theme!

Yeah, in 3rd time around this blog will be changing its appearances once again because i think the last theme was too weight for the fast load that i wanted to this blog thats why Ive been decided to change it with a simple but well better than before, Yes i think thesis theme is the best  theme that we can use to our wordpress blog nowadays because the theme is already a search engine friendly who can help out your blog content to be crawler to the Google easily..sorry thats how i looked into it please do correct me if i got a wrong idea on what the thesis theme can make to us..lol

So what do you think about my new theme? quite good? and how’s the loading while you opening the entire site? do you still encountering any glicth or something else? if so please let me know so that i can resolve the problem you that you may see on this blog because i really want to have a better and clean blog that i think i can nearly achieve as you suggest me any to this blog..ok let us do this way, ill leave my comment box on to all of you just leave any idea’s, suggestions, and report if you see any bug to this blog so that i can fix all those unnecessarily stuff..ok thats it for now and have a great weekend everyone..thanks

How to have a great Alexa Rankings?

I often blogged about Alexa Rankings to this blog because i really want to be updated into my rankings over Alexa because i do believe that having a great alexa rankings is the one that advertisers most seek about in a certain blog,right? thats why i cant help my self doing some experimental just to have a great rankings and one thing that Ive been found out which updating everyday to your blog is one of the best trick to drop down your rankings even without any visitors visited you on your site..trust me on this, with some reasons is really works on me liked on what happened to my finkalixius.info who been updated everyday and quite sometime ill be posting 3 entries in one day at a time , so yeah indeed my rankings to that site is pretty much well..try to check on it..:)

one thing that ive been noticed,that putting a alexa widget is one big help i must say because you can often check your Alexa without heading to the main site..lol ok that’s what i have for today and i hope i can give you such informative one..ok bye

Update: The New Lockerz

Lockerz.com Redemption update

Ive been too busy with my blogging activities these passed months ago and i pretty lost in to my mind about my lockerz account that i was trying to update,as much as in everyday, of course to have a great pointz then, but suddenly i totally failed doing it due with some tiring tasks that i have to finish with, so yeah as i opened my account this few minutes ago, my goodness i dont even recognized the site because of those some awesome features added into it and i think lockerz is totally launched now because you can even sign up now without an invites thing,so great to know that lockerz is doing great nowadays and  yeah as i navigate the site i also found out  that the redemption page was converted into a auction page wherein people can bid prices that they want to get using their gathered points to the site, and i think that was great too, oh ,i missed a lot on the site and i hope by this time around i can get something over there that i really aiming to, at the first place..lol

so you as a member on that site, what are the changes that really amazed you and what are the things who can get pissed of on you, as you using the site? just want to know ok!, but please this is a personal survey only and i am not affiliated on lockerz, just want to help other people out to understand what are the things that they may get inside the said site..ok just leave some comments below  and i am lookin into it..thanks

I Want D3000 Nikon

nikon d3000 Pictures, Images and Photos

So ok, let me post another frustration on mine once again, that will be added on my wishlist category that Ive been forgotten to update in quite awhile, yeah as you read the title on this post that i was wanting and frustrating even stress is going through, just to have this Nikon brand D3000 because i know a blogger like me must have any one of these awesomely cameras that is called DLSR but nikon is the best one for me thats why i love this one..lol though i am not a photographer or either has a background holding this camera but still i am hungry to have it so, because i know having this camera along my way i mean on my blogging activities this might help me to take me places, as i see it like that, but im just hinting on it..lol

Ok, the best thing that i would do now is to save my online earnings ,then if my money is well enough, ok ill definitely treat my self out by having this Nikon D3000..lol please wish me luck on this and as much i can get this, of course i will do an update to you on this blog and i hope thats happen so soon..ok thats it for now and thanks for reading this nonsense post..lol bye and have a great day ahead

Why Facebook is Means a lot with me?

Yes, i admit that without this top social media nowadays which facebook, my online activities is totally death, why? because on facebook i can get some topics even issues that my friends has been  shared with to their walls, which really a hot topics of the day, sounds awesome right? thats why maybe i gets either a lot of traffics to all of my blogs as much i can also update them out without a dull moment and death air..thanks to facebook..lol and not just that, because as i got my topic posts out of it (facebook)and i  even share the post that Ive been made through out those topics that my friends shared with like what ive been said, then my facebooks buddies really reacts on what Ive been wrote about that and of course ill be receiving a bunch of comments too, wow i think i love facebook now..who doeskin by the way? i know you are even getting crazy on facebook because on what the site can bringing it to your lives, i mean a source of fun and relaxing in away by playing some games and stuff..right?

So you, do you like facebook as much like i do? if so, can you please let me a short story below? why you should love the social media? and how about friendster by the way?lol ok let see your comments and i think, thats it for now and yeah have a nice day to everyone..bye

Domains under my Administrator

Yes, i had these list of blogs were under my moderation and please do visit them as well, like you often do with this my main blog..hehe ok ill list out those blogs below..thanks

iamglen- this domain is a father blog of my cousin glen were he forgather quite awhile thats why Ive been decided to continue the blog to go forward..lol

bloggermom- a blogger mom who run by glen wife’s but suddenly she wont able to update it due it her kiddos..lol so i took over to the blog as well

khang11- is all the same by the 2 first domains, blog of my cousin maricar which she stressed with , thats why i took it over to this as well..

romnick21- i bought my friend a domain under his name romnick but then again he discontinue it..so i have to continue the blog either..lol

itsmeronel-my new blog who been approved on the other awesome program that ive found which the money4banners.co.uk..i love this blog much..lol

brobrand-my first ever country domain using the .in domain into this, though im not a Indian though but still i want it because the domain was sales when the time i bought it..but the renewal is indeed expensive, my goodness

Staysuperfit- a blog wherein ill tackling my tips on how we can lose weight in natural ways

ok, thats will be all and talk to you next time with some important issues and information..thanks