I missed to watched the finale of American Idol Season 9

I am a fun Of American Idol Since Kris Allen Won Way back 2009 but since the AI keeps on searching on the next big thing performer(s) on Hollywood they’re really do to have their search every year that is started on the first month of the year but  on this season 9 i wasn’t be able to watch every weeks performances because im too busy on my daily task and stuff but i promise to my self that when the finale gonna happen i  would rather to give my self some break and watch it on TV so that i can blog it after, but bad things happened,lol Ive been slept on the middle of the entire show and i  really felt bad on it because i wasn’t  be able to see who’s gonna win between Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox but thank God to my group of friends on Facebook and twitter they do tweeted who’s wins between them and its Lee Dewyze at the very first i know that this man will win on the said Reality search because his range of voice are great its like i heard Kris Allen And Justin Timberlake at the same time so im quite happy to know that he got the idol

Though i missed to watched it on TV, youtube is the perfect place to watch replay..lol

Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. Arrives In The UK

I know a lot of my fashionable readers would like to know about this awesome news that the gorgeous Gwen Stefani’s shoe line label L.A.M.B. has just launched their latest range of heels that finally arriving  on UK that will be only available on the online store danielfootwear.com that’s why if i were  you must get your fave shoes now because all of the UK fans are staring to mob about the shoes and the funny thing was, even my sister is overthrowing me to use my paypal just to have at least one pair of this kind, and she was insistently right now ,lol but let me thing first if i allow her to use my account and get her dreaming L.A.M.B sandals,hihe by the way i got some of their product pictures below

And the good things was they just all ranging to £199 up to £235 , how cheap uh, into a designer’s shoe

How Can I Manage blogs?

As You all know that i got a plenty of blogs that i hosted with right now ,for the record its 17 blogs , but others asking nor wondering on how can i manage those blogs? Actually as ive said on my recently post that i been have my first 7 blogs before, then after Ive  earned into those 7 blogs i decided to bought 10 new domains  simultaneously, so meaning those 7 blogs are in the good standing on the search engine right since then, so nothing to worry about, but on the other 10 blogs i admit that i  have to optimize them one by one,who can giving me a hard time nowadays, but i have no choice just to do it alone so that i can earn to them after(can you help me),huhu Yeah Im quite stress nowadays because i have to do some mega post on  my blogs but yet i have to optimize at the same,huhu thank God to roboform it made my life easier because i can do blog hop in so easy way, i don’t have to write my email,url and name above all on the comment platform  because in just one click on my software it will show automatically on the form what are the needed info..lol and one thing more im also using a anchor link wherein in every comment that i made i see to it on the bottom of my comment that ill included my list of blog by using anchor link and in that why i believed! i can also get traffic and get some backlink  as well especially if you do that to those blog who hosted on  blogger.com because Worpress treated anchor link  as a no follow link meaning there’s no point on Google at all..

So that the way i manage my blogs, i just do blog hopping using and software called roboform then i will include my remaining blogs on the bottom of my comment using Anchor Link!..

I hope you’ll find it informative and useful in a sense,lol thanks a lot

How many blogs that i have?

OK, ill be more transparent with you guys because i know some of you are always asking me out on how many blogs that i hosted with, but still always keep my mouth shut because as much as possible i want to blog secretly,lol because some of those are blogging for pennies not like just on this blog who i can tackle/write whatever i want too, lol but anyways i decided to telling you now on how many blogs that i been have so that you can follow me even on those blogs, 🙂 So all in all i have 17 blogs, and 7 of those are using free blogging platform to be specific its blogger.com because we all know that wordpress.com aren’t allowed any money making stuff that make on their free blogging platform that’s why Ive been chosen blogspot coz blogspot can do, and other on that 7 blogs that i had said, i also made a free blog using an free domain co.cc using wordpress as my CMS because to make sure that i can earn in some company who doesn’t accept an free blogging site , and i wont failed then because i really earned on those free blogs that i made that’s why Ive been bought a another 10 domain and a standard hosting that will cost me a lot,lol but its OK because im starting to get my money back on those domain and web host that i spent, by the way you can see all of my blogs on my like love page just look out on those link who has my name then,,hahhaa

I am a business minded?

I Think this was started when i helped  my co-blogger to have his own domain name and host it at the same time by using the WordPress as his CMS because he doesn’t know on how to set up the whole blog i think, but anyways because im so kind i offered him a help wherein ill personally set up the whole blog and after ward he’ll be paying me on how many i cost to all package on my domain and web host provider , but the good things was i have a promo code that their customer service representative  gave to me, to be  discounted in all of their services including domain name and web hosting , i think they’re only allow to give that code on their clients who more often to avail their services , that i really do,lol that’s why im quite happy on that code because i can buy what ever domain i want too in the cheapest price that i ever had including web host of course..lol so when i finished to set up all necessarily things  and paid all of the expenses and gave his full account then,one word that i think which is BUSINESS ,what if i offer my skill by doing on this kind of stuff  to those people who really wants to have their own self hosted domain in the cheapest price than the usual they know?..lol

Yeah actually i really do these stuff now,lol  I offering you guys a very cheapest services that the other company wont have , so please check out the info below


Or email me @ ronel.marin2002@gmail.com or add me on facebook into this email address: ronel_marin2002@yahoo.com i hope we can work then and soon i will have my own web hosting site so please stay tune for updates in any of my blogs..thanks

What is the Best CMS For you?

This topic will sink in into my mind when i did a blog hopping , of course to have a good standing on the search engine, by the way whats is the best CMS for your? because when Ive been across to those blog that i hop with , i got confused on what CMS (Content Management System) platform that they’re will be using? and some of those aren’t familiar with me because i just knew Blogspot and WordPress but i saw this livepad one who has a nice comment platform wherein spam will automatically blocked but when i asked my friend who worked as a Seo he probably recommended wordpress as the best CMS because he said that you’ll get a lot of advertiser over here? its that true? because advertiser are using plugins  that can be use only on wordpress he said, that’s why i decided to used wordpress then, so you..what is the best CMS Platform for you nor the Cms that you will be using right now is pretty good ? and how is it? did you get an advertiser(s) over your chosen CMS platform? please let me know so that i can change my CMS into your best blog platform that you’ll be using right now..thanks a lot

I need a new set of computer..lol

Yehey, im quite happy right now because its been quite a while when ive been updated this category , and my wish list right now is to have a new set of computer and  im talking about desktop because lap top doesnt work to me..lol because right now i am using a lap top that my sister bought to me (daw)lol and when i do blogging its kinda hard to write because this lap top that im using is always lean on our bed and I don’t have any choice just to drop and i get back hurts more often..huhu that’s why i decided to include this set of computer into my wish list so that i can blog comfortably.. and i hope i can get it as soon as i can, what do you think? earning 3000-5000 thousand a month will be able to buy one?lol i bet is not, so please payu2blog approve my blog s,lol and i hope it will be happen next month (cross fingered)

The Great Song That I’d Ever Heard


Yeah , i am a fun of the band Jonas Brother since then,because id like what are the meaning of their song is and i want also on how they played it as a pop rock, but quite sometimes i get emotional on some of their song as well because of the lyrics that will keep me inspired most of the time and one of those is APPRECIATE by the lovebug maker Nick Jonas , though this song was sang by nick him self a years ago but still i appreciated it because its always remind me, that i have to treasure all of the love and care that my family gave and giving me each day because will never know whats gonna happen tomorrow that’s why i followed one of the highlights on this song says DON’T BE AFRAID TO OPEN UP AND USE THE TIME YOU HAVE BEFORE IT FADES,SHOW YOUR LOVE TODAY, Yeah, we all know that we aren’t permanent on this world because there was a time that god can get our borrowed life to him , and as long as you can live just show your love to your family and love ones today so that you’ll never ever regrets if they’re fade on this world..so i hope you’ll find it inspiring too..thanks

I am quite bald-headed now..lol

Its been quite a while when i update my photo of the day category because im so busy on my some other stuff, lol Yeah  as you can see im a quite bald-headed right now, and im comfortable with it though this my first time to do it but its ok then. because its so hot outta here and i don’t know on how to pop off this kind of feeling , though we have AC but not most of the time we can open it because our electric bill was double up than usual..grrr so i decided to get this kind of hair and i felt really comfortable  and maybe this hair style will be my hair style more often, what do you think? do i look nice on it? or not,lol just curious so that it will change the way i think about it..lol thanks

I Need To Work Hard More(ALERT MODE)

Yes Yes Yow, i have to be more aggressive nowadays because i have a lot of  things to catch up with regarding my blog post, blog stat, and related stuff because time is running out, and i have to do more than i been expected before uh! yeah im talking about my payu2blog application again..lol because i really want to be of it ,that’s why here i am again doing some blog hopping and Seo stuff just to be qualify on their criteria soon..lol

So what im doing right now? right now  i just digging my old files to be use on my link building stuff and they have a lot i have directories, social bookmarking, list of do follow blogs and many more and  i don’t know where to start and how can finish these as fast i can..huhuh please help me? nor do i have to pay on some ptc site so that they can give me automatically traffic? because im quite lazy to do these..hahaha but anyways ill do this then,. so that i can feel the success after ward..what do you think? ok ill work on it, so bye for now..