Canon Poweshot D10 (Underwater Camera)

I am a fan of cameras since I bought my very own D500 DSRL through my online earnings. And now Spring has been started and we all know that people are having fun into the beaches they want too and as a part of it, pictures are the great memories of the family get together, right? that’s why I am thinking of today if I were consider this canon powershot D10 soon as we go on to the beach, becuase I want to have an pictures of my self underwater that my DSRL cannot cover it.

Let see as I got my money, will definitely get one of this kind. Though others want the Nikon brands but yet still I am thinking of if I’ll go with Nikon instead. Or will stick on Canon.

Finally! Osama Bin Laden confirmed dead by President Obama

Good news folks, This morning one good news has been released straight from the white house made by president Obama him self. That he stated that the Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was conducted by the US army in Pakistan. Goodness, Finally the leader of all terrorist is now dead, I hope this may start for the new peacefully world. I hope so.

For further information about this news, you must watch this video below