The Watch I Want


Ive been Decided that ill be continuously  posting some of those things  that i really want to buy with, that ill be include on my wishlist category like my the hat i want post , because ill take of those posts as my reminder that someday and  i hoping that those things that i been posted here is would rather be mine in like this Yellow G-shock watch ,yeah i am keen of watches especially this kind of brand because i tested it already, i have two g-shock  then, that i been bought with the help of my grandma who live in u.s because the style that i want its only available there and with that a big thanks to you grandma..:)though i have 2 kind of watches of this brand but i am still craving with this yellow one because i found it so relaxing and nice to wear on this summer season…hhih anyway hoping this awesome yellow watch will be mine too..:) so that will be for now and wait on my next wishlist..thanks

Desclaimer: this post is not a paid post or advertiser post