My sister forced me to buy something online!

Actually this post is quite late though, because i am pretty sure that my sister blogged this already to her own blog on, heads up there if you want to write her post about this, anyways yeah,last december 23 if i am not mistaken my sister and i are pretty bored due with some holidays rest maybe? thats why we’ve been decided to check out some online stores to see if we can buy such cheap things and guess what? my sister found a whole sales website wherein s lot of great goodies,clothes and such kind are indeed cheapest that’s why my sister cant help her self to buy at least for me but the bad things though she forced me to buy the thing on my own paypal money..ahahah and she is insistently on that and yeah being her youngest brother and kindly hearted one.(LOL) i bought her thing and i decided to buy my self then, and yeah by tomorrow ill be posting it for you to see that kind of things that we been spent with..ahhah by the way it has been cost us 31 dollars for both items and the shipping is already in there but shipping is quite expensive though than the items that we’re bought..ahaha