New year,New Blog!

Yeah, i bought an new domain last 3 days ago, actually we’re 2 owners to the new domain because we are aiming to have an hosting business but we though this day that isn’t time for us now to give time to that because we haven’t enough time to run such stressing business such thing,LOL that is why we both been decided to drop rather canceled the hosting reseller that we’ve been bought to a reliable company (i think so) and now i asked her to get the domain then and she replied me a Yes that is why the domain is other my moderation now and i already and rapidly by the way to install the wordpress because i really love wordpress than other cms available on my quick install blogging platform over hostgator..LOL so yeah the blog is now up and kicking though i haven’t yet any posts toward the blog but let me please link the blog on this blog to have the blog its first backlink though..anyways here’s my new link actually the domain is chosen and deeply thinks by me and her and we just ended up to this agyume because we’re both kapampangan one of the dialect here in the Philippines,by the way agyume means we can do, like we can do everything..haha Got it? ok thats it for now and i really hope that if you have any spare time anytime please do visit my new blog and share your though about my personal ideas and post..thanks

I bought a new domain name

Yeah,  Luckily to say , I am hosting another website that i bought this last 2 days ago , though its just accidentally but i see to it, that i can use this on the near future as my money machine blog, but on the other side i am quite worried because i really can feel the pressure right now, In the sense that i am hosting my 3 main website and aside of that i have even a lot of blogs that i hosted for free but regarding with these 3 blog i need to pay on my hosting every month plus the domain per annually that’s why i am quite bothered because these 3 blogs of mind aren’t work in any paid post program and i hope i can survive till the end..huhu

Actually this domain ( was accidentally bought by this idiot, lol and i never had a plan to buy it at the first place, im just checking out if it is available or not, and the domain was available after all. .then  suddenly i never knew that i clicked on the check out button and all of the sudden Ive been purchased it ,hahah how idiot iam? yeah its automatically deducted on my paypal because i allowed the domain registrar to automatically deduct on my paypal account, i dunno what is the right term for that matter, and the worsen was after i set up my new domain all i know that is ok now and nothing to worry about ,but when the day after that  im about to do some post i found out that my hosting plan was exceeded and all of my blogs was blocked,huhuh and they telling  me that i have to upgrade my hosting plan to a standard one that i have to pay them 5 dollars per month so  they will move the holding status on my account and all of my blogs get visible again on net,its really disappointing right? but i have no choice just to pay them, after all i can use these blogs to earn much, i hope..and after all these payment stuff, ill promise that ill more careful and stint of course,,hehe 🙂 please wish me luck (cross fingered)

So please do read and follow my newest blog-

thanks 🙂