I want to be a Link Builder

Yeah, since this was the path that I was going through which being a blogger and some online activities, one thing that I am really looking forward to, which to become a link builder. Yeah I want to be one becuase I’d love talking with a lot of people and I’m enjoying giving opportunities to those webmaster/bloggers
who needed it. But the problem was I dunno  where to start with, though I was working with some clients now who have related with the link builder stuff but yet still I wanted to be hired on one company who can give me this task regularly. By the way, I refer to a link builder who is offering sidelink,blog posts to those relevant blogs not the one who are submitting link to those social media stuff. Okay I hope someone get stumble here and hire me as their
link builder. ^_^

How Can I Manage blogs?

As You all know that i got a plenty of blogs that i hosted with right now ,for the record its 17 blogs , but others asking nor wondering on how can i manage those blogs? Actually as ive said on my recently post that i been have my first 7 blogs before, then after Ive  earned into those 7 blogs i decided to bought 10 new domains  simultaneously, so meaning those 7 blogs are in the good standing on the search engine right since then, so nothing to worry about, but on the other 10 blogs i admit that i  have to optimize them one by one,who can giving me a hard time nowadays, but i have no choice just to do it alone so that i can earn to them after(can you help me),huhu Yeah Im quite stress nowadays because i have to do some mega post on  my blogs but yet i have to optimize at the same,huhu thank God to roboform it made my life easier because i can do blog hop in so easy way, i don’t have to write my email,url and name above all on the comment platform  because in just one click on my software it will show automatically on the form what are the needed info..lol and one thing more im also using a anchor link wherein in every comment that i made i see to it on the bottom of my comment that ill included my list of blog by using anchor link and in that why i believed! i can also get traffic and get some backlink  as well especially if you do that to those blog who hosted on  blogger.com because Worpress treated anchor link  as a no follow link meaning there’s no point on Google at all..

So that the way i manage my blogs, i just do blog hopping using and software called roboform then i will include my remaining blogs on the bottom of my comment using Anchor Link!..

I hope you’ll find it informative and useful in a sense,lol thanks a lot