why cached blog on Google is really important?

Do you have an cached blog already to the Google search engine? if so, that will be great, why? because i think advertisers nowadays are quite picky to those blogs who they might consider with on their offers to be and i think due with some new trends on the search engine cached blog is quite hard to do? yeah i think with some new bloggers out there but you know there was an easy way on how to make that matter, trust me this will works on me every time i host a new blog, so what i did was a blog hopping, yeah by simply commenting a certain do follow blogs, your blog standing on the search engine was increasing then who can bring your site on the good condition which will be cache on the search engine and after you did all of that and you built your link already, i am pretty sure that every time you publish a new blog post google definitely cached it in short period of time than to those blog who haven’t some inlinks around Google.

How can you find out if your blog is already cached? well use this format on your Google search engine “Cache:your blog domain” example “Cache:iamronel.com”  then hit the search button and you’ll see if your blog is pretty cached on the search engine, simple steps right? so yeah try it now and check your own blog(s)..thanks