I love Sony brand for camera

We all know that I really amazed on what Sony can do in terms on pictures. Yeah! I admit I really loved these sony cameras, I mean any cameras that is made by Sony because Sony had this great feature on each of their cameras that I really liked about. Like for example my 500D slr, the camera was really great because I can take a picture even on the far distance that I mostly amazed on the camera.LOL and not just that, because you can actually take an video through it not like on the other brand that has this picture only feature and video is not included at all which the advantage of Sony so far. So if I were you, I’ll buy any cameras to the brand as you wanted to have this high in quality of pictures that I know most of you folks are looking forward too.right? so yeah! that’s it for now and I will blog another sony camera soon I bought the other digicam that I was planning to buy on the brand store.

What is the best Easter Present?

I know this too late then to blog so please bear with me on this topic. Okay, I just recently thought on what are best present rather easter gifts that I should give on to my nephews and nieces. Because ester is all about kids and happiness, right? though I forgot to give them all any on the actual Easter day but yet still I will now thinking of to give them all tomorrow that they might use on their daily lives, I think some school s supplies will do on this. Alright, will buy them some tomorrow and I am pretty sure that I’ll need my mum’s help by choosing the right items on each nephews and nieces that I have.

About Metal Building

I just have this mind, that what are the use of those awesome metal buildings on today’s living. Because I’d often seen them anywhere and everywhere. I think this kind of building can be functional in any gathering,activities and all stuff like that and mostly schools had nowadays due on some activities that the students had to do, like PE practicum,Gym stuff and even to gather an free activities. I think this was great to have as you run any school and even if you are normal person because like what I’ve said this indeed functional in all things activities.

Why I do Blog?

There was a lot of reasons why we do blog. Others might wants other let know about their successes in life, while others shared their experiences on to those places that she/he done off with. And of course there was some who’d wasting their time’s on by blogging for some nonsenses things. Whatever you’re be on these categories, as long you are happy on what things that you are writing. Just go on and don’t mind what are people might say rather saying to you as you post out somethings amused you or what.

For me, why do I blog, is to earn much money. Yeah! straight to the point. I am blogging becuase of money becuase I know internet is the best venue to find some great opportunities than working on the real world. Sorry folks, I find it this way nor this was works on me then that’s why I am in favor by working online than the cooperate one. But this very recent, I realized that I used to loved to blogging my real me. Meaning no pretentious or this eagerness to earn a lot, but you know what? this indeed awesome becuase now I can enjoy my self out now at the same time earning some good amount though.

Okay, I think that’s why I do blog. And you what are your reasons why you are here sharing your ideas and stuff?