Agenda Las Vegas: Abandon Ship 2014 Spring/Summer Preview

 photo agenda-las-vegas-abandon-ship-2014-spring-summer-preview-3_zps698671a9.jpg

 photo agenda-las-vegas-abandon-ship-2014-spring-summer-preview-2_zps1c2504f3.jpg

 photo agenda-las-vegas-abandon-ship-2014-spring-summer-preview-1_zps3e8f8e37.jpg

These are the pieces that we could expect from the brand Agenda Las Vegas from their spring/summer collection 2014. I think mostly brands and labels today are keep on producing their each next year season’s collections most specifically for spring and summer season. Because they have to give us an peek on what we should get from their brand these coming months ahead.

About “Agenda Las Vegas: Abandon Ship 2014 Spring/Summer Preview” these pieces are so awesome and I simply liked all the prints uses to it from coconut trees to animal prints all are quirky and into trends. That’s why am so pretty excited for these pieces to be release soon.. I have no details yet in hand for this collection, however, the brand itself , Agenda, will update us soon about their dope summer collection as they about to release this in the market. Just keep on tuning in here for the updates..

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