B2ST: Yoseob Swagger “LTD” Tee for 6,090 yen



Swagger “LTD” Tee for 6,090 yen

Kpop fashion is getting huge these days because these celebrities are keep on wearing these dopeness and swagger outfits that most of the young ones are look forward today. Like what Yoseob, B2ST member, wearing on this photo where he rocking on this swagger black tee that you may buy for only 6,090 yen ( do your math please because I dunno how to convert it on dollar USD).

Actually, as far as I know the swagger brand is originated to the land of the raising sun which on Japan. But in the short period of time and to the help of these Kpop celebrities, the brand is now becoming well known not just in the Asian countries but also in the westerns today. And even german nivea as getting craze to on this brand..ehhehe

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