Benny Gold x Mighty Healthy “Stay Hungry” Capsule Collection


Today, most of the brand labels companies are used to have their own capsule collection ( just noticed it though) where I’d still dont get it what’s the capsule collection means.. LOL bear with me then if that’s the case, please? LOL Alright, this recently, while I was roaming on the web, Ive seen this Benny Gold x Mighty Healthy “Stay Hungry” Capsule Collection that I was pretty sure that most of you folks,readers, will be find it cool to have, right? because these shirts looks dope and has its there own swag on (character), that most of us street fashion nigga will be wanting to have..hahah

Okay, pieces are already available online, just search it on over Google and all the retail online stores that has this collection sell on, will be surely pop on the first search page. Sorry, I cant give you the exact link where you could buy this because of some reasons that I wont allow to tell ya’ll..LOL Okay, that’s it for now and check back later for more fashion news updates. Thanks!

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