Engaged? It’s Time to Start Planning Your Big Day!

It’s a wonderful month for romance. We’ve just had the most romantic day of the year, St Valentine’s. What an excellent time to spoil the one you love! Of course, you should be doing that all year round, but sometimes, it is handy to be given that little reminder. Romance comes in do many forms. Some lovers may stick to the traditional gifts like flowers and chocolates. Others try to show their love in more creative ways. It’s always nice to bear in mind the personality of the recipient when choosing gifts – it makes it even more special. A thoughtful gift is much more romantic than some flowers bought hastily at a garage!

The other reason February is so romantic in 2016 is that it is a leap year. Tradition states that the 29th of February is the day that women should take the lead and propose marriage! Back in ancient times, it was customary that a man refused the proposal, he had to compensate the lady. Whether it be jewels, cash or a gown, it was necessary to give a token of compensation.

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Image by Marcello Gambetti

So if you have (or plan to) get engaged this month, then you might be thinking about the wedding already. If you’re impatient, and  you don’t want to wait too long to get hitched, then what’s the next step?

The first thing is to decide where you want to get married. This is crucial to do as soon as possible. Even if you are waiting a while, it makes sense to book it as soon as possible. Ensuring that your desired date is available can be difficult, so ensure you have more than one choice. You’re less likely to be disappointed this way.

Once you have the date confirmed, you can either choose to send out Save The Date cards if it’s some time off yet. If your nuptials are more imminent than it makes sense to go straight to the invitations! Get your invitations out as quickly as possible, especially if your wedding is within the next three months. This gives guests more time to make sure they can make it to your big day!

Wedding invitations should reflect the personalities of the couple. There are superstitions in some countries and cultures about wedding invitations. Chinese wedding invitation designs are laden with tradition and meaning and are meant to bring luck. The traditional style in the UK is for the invited to be sent from the parents of the bride. But as more and more families fragment, it is common these days for people to send the invites on their behalf.

Deciding who to invite to your wedding can be fraught with difficulties. Those with a large friendship group may find it difficult to choose who to ask without offending others if you have a limit on the number of guests. And as for relatives, and step-relatives, it can be a minefield!

Now you’ve got the basics covered; it’s time to get on with planning your big day! This is where the fun begins!

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