UNUSED 2014 Spring/Summer Collection

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Dopeness overload. It seems that everyone in the fashion industry, Brands and labels, are keep on releasing their each next year’s collections from summer 2014 to their fall and winter collections same year, 2014. I think, this is a great idea for a certain brands to get their collections done for next year as early as now.  Because we consumers and followers can got this peek on what we should expect from the brands we look up to for the next year fashion trends. That’s why in away, this earlier released of collections are quite helpful for us all. Also, this can help the brand designs too and protects it for being copied by the other shameless brands. I know most of you got what I really meant here, right?

Anyway, Let me share with you this UNUSED 2014 Spring/Summer Collection which I found dope. Because look, these styling are great and way better to rock on this coming summer season. I might consider this but let us all be wait the other brand’s summer collections because they might got something new to offer us. 🙂

About the availability of this collection, I mean the pieces from the collection? as for now, the brand UNUSED itself haven’t fond yet of releasing further details about this, however though, they will surely update as all as the new year’s comes like after 2 months then. No worries! will update you again in here once I’ve seen them available in market soon.

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