How to boost your Alexa Rankings?

Having a good Alexa ranking isn’t that hard that you were thinking. Because nowadays a lot of programs and techniques that we can use to make or put  our Alexa on the good place, though for those newbies out there I know they were indeed confused on how this stuff work. No worries, that’s why I put this post up for you to know on what programs and techniques that I were using a year now and I must say all of my strategies are working on me though till now. Alright then, I will write below which stuff that I were doing to boost my Alexa in each of those blogs that I was running of.

First, the best thing to do was to download the Alexa toolbar it self, why? because in this matter you can basically monitor your Alexa ranking as you visit your site though because this Alexa toolbar was seen on your browser which really good in away because you don’t have to go on the main site just to check out your rankings. And another good thing was, this Alexa toolbar can be help on your site as well to have a great rankings then, because the toolbar can be read your visits that can put your blog into a great spot. Do you get what I mean in here? sorry I am not good on explaining things out like this, but I was trying though for you to find out which stuff that you may do on your own to have this controversial alexa rankings.

Secondly, A blog updates. Yeah if you often update your blog, definitely you may have your awesome rankings, why I know? because Ive been noticed it when I done blogging 3-5 blog posts one day at the time. I don’t know if this working on the other webmaster as well, but for me this really working though I don’t get enough hits on it. And of course giving a unique and quality blog post is a must,for your site to be have a great reputation not only on alexa but also on Google.

And lastly, I think purchasing some ads hit advertisement  like, PTC,Adgitizer and same programs will work as well, because a lot for people rather webmasters are considering these  kind of techniques to have their blog to got this well ranked in terms on their alexa. But I cant suggest this to those bloggers who working on adsense because Google is using a high script though that can may detect a purchased hits on your blog.

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