Sold Out my 2 Domains and new update on my Alexa Rankings

Yes dear, Ive been decided to sell out my 2 not often use domains recently because i think i cant even manage them out , my goodness having a 20 blogs is not really easy liked what i thought at first..hahah though my 2 blogs was sold now but still i have 18 left that i think i can surely update them all each day..hopefully the way the domains that i sold out was the and the to my mom blogger friend and i know she can make those domains more well known on the search engine because of my friend influential on the blogsphere..hehe and please don’t ask  me how much do i sold them because im quite shy though..but its on cheap price only that everyone will afford..and please if you want to buy some old domains just let me know who knows i can give a reasonable price then even to register a new one ok?..:)

In regards on my Alexa ranking, as i checked my ranking last weeks its dropped down to 689,278 and of course thats ranking is quite good though, at least i don’t ranked up in a million but when i checked it again now its been to 754,294 oh its rapidly goes sad right? but its OK though i think i need to work hard again on this site  to drop down my rankings as low as i OK these will be all for now and im too sleepy then ,i have to sleep to have a clearly mind and blog some quality content later..ok bye thanks

One thought on “Sold Out my 2 Domains and new update on my Alexa Rankings

  1. How did you have a .org domain? I thought only accredited organizations can have that. Why did you sell it? It has PageRank 2. This blog has PageRank 0. You should sell this and not that one 😛

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