Adsense doesnt work on me

I’m quite envious to those bloggers who’re getting some bucks on adsense. Because me as you can see I haven’t working on the ad network at this moment. Why? It just simply I don’t like.LOL yeah! its my choice then to not to put any adsense over this blog due with some plans that I was cooking  through this blog. Actually I was a good earner on the network before but when I realized that there was some another big opportunities out there, by then on. I decided to not to work on the network for good.

And the other reason was, adsense had these a lot of rules that you’ll have to follow that can effect on your blog revenue sooner, that’s why maybe some of those big fish sites aren’t have this adsense with them though they’re getting a lot of traffics that they might earn big if they have the ads so. Yeah, theseare my reasons as well that’s why I pulled my adsense’s out. But if I’d got any changes then to work on it I surely back my adsense to my blogs.

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