Fresh design ideas for a cluttered bedroom


A cluttered bedroom can really get to interfere with your life after a while. Bedrooms are where we head at the end of the day for relaxation and rest. But if you are regularly staring at stacks of un-shelved books, dirty laundry and piles of miscellaneous ‘stuff’ with no place to go – that’s a bedroom where chaos, not calm, rules. How are you going to get some rest surrounded by all that?

Here’s what you’ve got to do to overturn this sad tale of events. Don’t worry, it’s not difficult, all it takes is a little focus, time and energy. You don’t have to become a decorating guru or interior design expert, just sign up to the bedroom un-clutter program.

Get sorted

You love your clothes and you have some great menswear, but have you got space for it all? Start a de-cluttering session by assessing your wardrobe and junking anything you haven’t worn in a year. This will create space so you are able to re-arrange and tidily organize clothes you want to keep. Arrange shirts, trousers, suits etc. by color for easy location. Go to the store and buy up some attractive, stackable storage boxes for shoes, boots and other bulky items. Label the boxes and stack neatly at the bottom or top of the wardrobe.

Find extra space

Look at the bones of the bedroom. Are there alcoves or corners where shelves, hanging rails or cupboards could be fitted? Exploit all the space in the room, not forgetting overhead areas – suspended storage or high shelves tracking around the room above door-height offers space for precious but infrequently used items such as books and souvenirs from your travels.

Light touch

Natural light is great for energizing you in the mornings, but it needs to be controllable so it doesn’t interfere with sleep patterns. Keeping things restrained and pared back with minimalist stylish shutters at the windows, combines great looks with a practical solution to light control. A lick of paint in a pale shade freshens up a bedroom beautifully and when you match the shutter shade to the walls, you get instant simplicity and elegance – the perfect backdrop for clutter-free space.

Bed behavior

Invest in a bed with internal storage. Either an Ottoman style divan that swallows up tons beneath the mattress, or a bed with sliding drawers – either design will help cancel out clutter. Think about it, your bed is the biggest thing in the room; make it pay for the space it takes.

Hat hint

Do you have lots of homeless hats? Make a feature out of your handsome headgear by displaying them proudly on the wall or lining them up on a shelf. You will find that you wear them more often when they are constantly on view. And remember, the well-hatted man is one of the hottest looks this season.

Push the calm and serenity levels to new highs in your clutter-free, super-organized bedroom. Sleep comes easily in a room that is ordered, harmonious and streamlined – so follow these simple easy steps and look forward to some restorative and well-earned rest…

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