Got my pr2 back

As you are my readers on  this blog, Ive been blogged before that my page rank was dropped into pr1 that I don’t expected it at all because I inserted some efforts then to this blog for those link building activities that can make my stat on Google better. Anyways that’s what life going. However, this very recent. I just noticed that my blog got back on its first page rank which is page rank 2 that’s means that Google updated it again that we couldn’t expected at all because Google is did unpredictable on this matter, we all know that.

Actually having an pr2 blog isn’t that good but for me this rank is still yet better because I think the minimum that an advertisers can deal with on a blog which a blog that have this pr2 but still having a higher page rank is better indeed. Okay,that’s it for now and let see if I will made this blog better when its comes on its page rank pretty soon.

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