How to check your indexed pages on Google?

I think one of the assurances on your site that if Google update page rank quite soon now is your pages indexed on Google search engine because as i know Google is basing our page rank to be on how many indexed pages that your blog has been through out the search engine, but other people doesn’t have any idea on how they can know if its their pages is still already indexed on Google, so yeah thats why im here to tell you so,lol ok head over to your Google search engine then write it down like this ”” and then search it  and Google will definitely shown up your indexed pages, like  what you are seeing on the photo below on this blog..

and not just that, you can even check your blog backlinks by searching this key ” ” to the search engine, as well  if you doubting quite a bit about your cache or your blog crawler just make this one “” so yeah these how i check my site stat over the Google it self ..

I hope these may help you a bit to understand on how Google index our pages and how they can gave us a page rank..ok bye and i think i will update this one on the future for more relevant information because im still studying on how Google thanks

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