New advertiser(s) please come over here!

Indeed overwhelmed these past days ago because some advertisers i mean a private advertisers has been given us, me and my sister  a great deals though  who can makes us feel much happier these days, who doesn’t by the way? having a bunch of offers on your end, anyways now i am open rather extremely open in any such advertisers out there who is reading this post at the moment that i am accepting  in any form of advertisement that will be serve on this blog soon, just hit me any messages regarding this matter on this given email address thanks a lot!

Actually at first im quite pissed off to those private advertisers because they use to asked everything who can keeps the conversation sucks and long that is why most of them are getting declined by me, but when i have this peace of mind and time then, Ive been given them a changed to tackle what advertising that they wanted to put in on my blog and yeah i served the ads then and received the payment already who can makes me feel rewarding and overjoyed through all of my hard works to a certain blog wheres the ads has been served of, so yeah thats the story! and now i am truly looking forward to have any new advertisers on my way  because they are really awesome to work with, im telling you! alright thats what i have for today and yeah thanks a lot!

One thought on “New advertiser(s) please come over here!

  1. It looks like you’ve got a pretty good idea on how this advertising via blog thing works. Yey for you on that one! Maybe try creating some posts that will provoke everyone to contribute their opinion, that works for some blogger. I mean, you don’t have to type a 300-word article and the readers will practically do your job for you. That’s just my suggestion. Anyway, good job on getting money for this blog! 😀

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