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Yes, i was expecting that this blog will have its own rank this new year’s day but i think i failed on it because now its already 16th of the first month of the year but yet still there’s no rank given by this blog, so now, do i have to check my seo strategies or such? because there was also some minimal report that other blog is given there rank already though they are having there 2 months old domain, so what is the real through out of these speculations that people are buzzing out to those forums and blogs? i am dead of ideas now regarding this i hope someone could explain on how Google works this days? anyone who is studied the matter already, please do share some information to us bloggers who trying to know on whats going on inside Google? LOL

So yeah, up to now there’s no update made but other people confirmed that last week of december last 2010 Google updated minimally but not sure though because my 20 6 months old blogs hasn’t seen any changes to my toolbar but let see as this months passing through if we can experience the huge and major update,crosses fingers, ok im finish now and let see soon on what rank should be given on this blog,thanks!

One thought on “No Rank yet!

  1. May rank na daw zero…ahahahhaa.

    Pano ba yong page rank Ronel?

    Hi Google team, do help Ronel. Your explanation is badly needed. Hulolz.

    Umi-english ako Ronel. Wala ka pa ring update sa wikang Filipino? Paano na ako, dudugo lagi ilong ko pag english ang sulatin mo.

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