Not satisfied Yet!

Yeah,honestly i dont like how Google updated this blog today, i mean on my pagerank because i just got this pr2 that ill never been expecting at all because i was aiming to have a pagerank of 3 insistently to this blog instead, thats why im given my 100 percent effort to blog such unique and personal post than having some paid post out of here and i evenly work hard on my link building activities and such thing, So now, what is the problem? do those backlinks that ive been made aren’t be quality enough to lift up this blog on the third spot? Anyways, its ok though, beside we can do anything regarding on this matter right? So yeah, i think i need to make another seo plans for this blog so that when Google will update again sooner, i can have my aimed page rank then. Yeah quite sometime i was nuts by somethings stuff like this, but at least Ive learned a sort of lesson through this nuttiness, which “you’ll never expected something happened because we aren’t know what will happen on the future”.

And now as i got this pagerank of 2, i was thinking now to work in any site broker who can consider me then to work with under by them, but let see on how’s the river’s flow. I’ll make you updated on what company that ill be considering to work with using this blog,Alright , i think im done talking out here,bye!

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