My sister got addicted on the Game Plants VS Zombies


Yes, my sister got addicted on this new craze games nowadays which the PLANTS VS ZOMBIES by pop cap company and i know even you agree that a lot of people are getting hock up on this games because maybe they find it adventurous in away but as i played it once what i felt was i got tense quite a bit because of those freakkin zombies that coming over to your house and eat your brain is really a creepy on my opinion and its like you’re  fighting for your life for real but i dunno with other people on how they find it, just respect my opinion please..hahaah 🙂 anyways because my sister was too addicted on this games she insistently want to buy the full version on it using my paypal money..whhattt? of course i have to disagree because i don’t have any stable earnings online right now because im still waiting on the company that i really frustrating to be part of ,the payu2blog ,anyways of course being i blogger i use to know those crack  wherein we can download some software even a games for free and i pointed her to youtube because youtube is the best sort of cracked software,,believed me, and the day after i told her about the cracked she wont sleep that night until morning just to download the full version of this games and luckily she wont failed because she made it , all effort for being awake whole night was Worthy yeah we have now the full version but the bad thing is i can be able to online earlier because she always using our computer..hhuhuh