Unique Gift For Christmas

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If you’re tired of giving out the usual items found in malls, then it’s high time that you browse the internet for websites that manufacture one of a kind gift items. I’ve started to shop for Christmas presents for my family, friends, and godchildren but I still have a long way to go. I might get the services of Easy Canvas Prints, a website where you can turn your photographs into custom canvas prints for decorating your home or to be given away as gifts. I’m sure my loved ones will adore these unique, personalized gifts that they’ll remember forever.

You can tailor-make your canvas prints by uploading any picture and choose the size you want, picking a custom border, and selecting your depth. How the finished product will look will depend on you. Their Easy Canvas Prints design tool enables you to perform the whole process in just a short time. Also choose whether to get a standard .75 or gallery wrapped 1.5 finished sides, custom canvas wrapped sides with image wrap, mirrored wrap, or custom hex code colors.

As a part of their service, Easy Canvas Prints provide retouching, Black & White or Sepia Conversion, photo collages and multi–canvas collages. So if ever you don’t like the way your canvas prints look, their team of art professionals can always do something about it. Another great thing about these prints is that they’re resistant to smudges, scratches, fingerprints etc. and can last for a long time with proper maintenance. Also visit Allied Shirts and Build a Sign websites that also happen to customize products.

What to Wear When Playing Poker

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Playing poker is a fun way to relax and kill time. Not only that, if you play your cards well you might even win big time. It is no wonder that some people even decide to become professional poker players. The game is not the only thing that poker players pay careful attention to. They also dress up like winners. Aside from wanting to look their best, what a poker player wears at a poker game can also add to their competence to win or contribute to their losing the game. So it is essential to dress smartly for a fun night of poker.

Most poker games can last for hours so the clothes that you are wearing should be comfortable. This is important so that you can focus more on the game rather than get distracted with a shirt that is too tight or perhaps ill fitting trousers. It is also advisable to wear sunglasses, visors, caps or any accessory that will shield your eyes from your opponents. This way the other players will find it hard to figure out your game. You should likewise keep in mind that what you wear to a poker game should not distract the other competitors. Women players should not wear outfits that are too revealing because the male players might find it difficult to concentrate.

You should also wear a watch while playing poker not only so that you can keep track of time but because wearing a fancy watch could bring your entire outfit up a few notches and make you look really dapper and suave. However, if you do not feel like going out and dressing up, you can always play poker at the comforts of your own home. You can visit 888 poker online website to do this. It is the fastest growing online poker brand, hosting thousands of poker enthusiasts at any given time. Playing in this website is very safe since it has secure Firewall servers.

Amazing Discounts at Couponraja

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Times are tough and if you do not do measures to curb your spending you will wind up with no money. Nowadays, you do not have to go overboard when shopping for the things you need because there are websites where you can get big savings by using discount vouchers. Couponraja is one of them. They provide shoppers with the latest coupon and promotional codes from over 2,500 leading retailers in India, both online and on brick and mortar stores.

They have joined hands with reputable merchants to bring you Amazon, Snapdeal, Marks and Spencers, Myntra, Desi Wear, Gadgets Guru, Jessops discount codes, Shopclues coupon codes and many others. The whole process of using the available codes is uncomplicated, quick, and easy. Simply add the items you want to buy in the shopping cart and proceed to check out. Once you are in the payment page, you will be asked to enter the voucher or promotional code.

Searching for your preferred discounts is likewise easy. You can just choose the category of the item you want such as Children, Electronics, Business, Entertainment, Food and Drink, Gifts, Health and Beauty, Home and Kitchen, Men’s Fashion, Sports, Travel, Utilities, and Women’s Fashion. Another way of browsing for discount tickets is by looking through the All Stores, Top Coupons, and New Coupons tabs. For customers to not miss any deal, it is advisable for them to subscribe through email to Couponraja. This way they are sure to get amazing savings on their purchases.

Electronic Cigarettes For Everyone

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They say that smoking is bad for your health but quitting cold turkey is not that easy especially to people who are smoking almost all their lives. That is why many people turn to using e-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes. It is becoming more popular and it can be bought almost anywhere even at many online stores. For those of you who don’t have any idea about what an electronic cigarette is or how do electronic cigarettes work it’s an electrical inhaler that vaporizes a propylene glycol or glycerin or polyethylene glycol-based liquid solution into an aerosol mist, simulating the act of tobacco smoking.

Smoking e-cigarettes also has more benefits compared to conventional cigarettes. First, you’ll be able to save more because they last longer. Second, e-cigars have no ashes and no carbon monoxide. Third, people can smoke it anywhere. Fourth, they won’t cause bad breath and won’t leave clothes smelling bad. Fifth, they won’t leave teeth stained. Last but not the least, e-cigarettes controls nicotine intake. Among the leading brands in the market are Halo Cigs, Jet Cigs, and LiteCigUSA.

Halo Cigs makes use of the Halo e-Liquid and is made in the USA. For buyers to save money there are Halo Cigs Coupons for May 2013 that HaloCigs.com personally issued. These are regularly updated for buyers. An online store that also sell e-cigarettes is Jet Cigs. The e-cigarettes available at Jet Cigs do not produce smoke so they do not harm your lungs like traditional cigarettes. Jet Cigs Coupon Code for May 2013 are also available for people to avail of. Examples of deals are 20% off on all orders, free shipping on orders over $75, and 30% discount on e-Cigarettes and Accessories among others. LitecigUSA.com offers a variety of authentic e-cigarettes and accessories from original manufacturers at low prices. LiteCigUSA Coupons for May 2013 issued by LiteCigUSA.net are for grabs for all e-cigarette buyers.

CRASH x Patek Philippe Dome Clock


Clocks are mostly seen in most places that we are going to, there’s clocks on every home, on every terminal station, offices, malls, parks (usually sun dialed clocks), or even on buildings. But it is my first time to see a clock like this one that is full of art and striking appeal. What I am talking about is this Crash x Patek Philippe Dome Clock, which was from a two great minds, the one is an artist and the other one is a company that is best when it comes to watches. And I am talking about John “Crash” Matos and Patek Philippe.

Let’s start to know who is John Crash Matos? John Matos is an artist from Bronx, New York that started very young on spray painting, he is one of the pioneers on the GRAFFITI art movement. John’s work are mostly on the streets and some transport vehicles. He once painted a train. Patek Philippe is a company that is known for watch making from Switzerland. They are makers of swiss luxury watches. They are creating quality and most complicated watches like pocket watches, wristwatches and others.  We can all see that the two are both genius that’s why this clock piece is worth $10,000 upto $15,000 USD (this is just a pre-auction price). But the good thing, the proceeds of this artistic dome clock will be given to a said AIDS Institution, a research institution.

So all I can say, those who can afford this might get this very rare design of clock, and those who understands a true meaning of an

WTAPS Leopard Sneakers/Shoes. Cotton. Ripstop


The brand WTAPS is out with its Leopard Sneaker. This leopard sneakers comes with a white sole which is a trademark on every sneakers that we’ve seen. I may say that this season is a camo-field season, I’ve been seeing lots of camouflage prints everywhere, from tops, to pants, bags, hats and many others. This leopard print may be different because it is an animal print you can still see its resemblance to camouflage because of its brown and green color combination. On quick look, you can say that this is a camo print, but if you will look at it closer and longer you can see its beautiful leopard print. The overall look of this sneakers is quite impressive and you can line this one with other brands of sneakers like Vans and Converse. I’ve been curious about the title of this one because it ha the word COTTON and RIPSTOP, I think that these words are the materials of this sneakers, because I know the usual material used on sneakers is canvas. I don’t know, really, because it is not detailed on the news. Let’s just wait for more reviews about this sneakers. Because the only thing that I know about RIPSTOP is it’s a fabric made of nylon that usually used on making paragliders.

This shoes may become a hit to the market because we all know that there’s a lot of people loves animal prints, specially leopard print that still in trend, specially on girls, and guys must also try this print.

Also, it might good if you are holding an Rocky Patel cigars while you rockin’ yourself on this kicks.. hahah just my suggestion though, nope, dont take it seriously..haha

Men’s Fall Fashion


It is that time of the year – when it is still pretty warm in most parts of the country, but all of the stores are now starting to stock their fall menswear clothing items.   As such, it is time for most men to start thinking about what they will be wearing in the next few months as the weather starts changing and it starts to get a little cooler outside.  Here are some ideas for men’s fall fashion, and how you can do it without breaking the bank.

The Sweater

The sweater needs to be a key piece of any man’s fall wardrobe.  Sweaters are great because they look great on most men, and they are useful for keeping the cold of the morning and evening away.  Furthermore, if it warms up too much in the middle of the day, you can always roll up the sleeves and go from there.  This stylish look makes a sweater a practical choice.

Layering For All Day

Another thing to keep in mind is layering throughout the day.  In the fall, it is usually very chilly in the morning, and tends to warm up quite a bit by lunchtime.  Then, it can be brisk once again when the sun goes down at night.  If you’re planning to be out all day, make sure your clothes include layers so that you can dress appropriate at all stages of the day.

A good rule of thumb is a basic coat, which you can take off indoors, and wear outdoors.  This can help keep you warm during your commute, but you can hang it up in the office during the day, and also in any restaurants or bars if you go out after work.


Finally, don’t forget to consider getting some fall and winter accessories now, before you need them.  Depending on where you live, and how cold it gets, this could include a scarf, mittens or gloves, and possibly a hat or other head cover.  Also, don’t forget to check the condition of your umbrella, and make sure that it still functions before the first rain of the season.  There is nothing worse than going to use an umbrella only to find out that it doesn’t open.

The bottom line is you need to think about your wardrobe now before you need to wear it in another month or two.

Dress to impress: 10 first date fashion tips for men

A first date is nerve-wracking for anyone. There’s so much to worry about that it’s easy to get caught up in that anxious feeling. Do you arrive right on time or fashionably late? Do you bring a full bunch of flowers or a single rose (or anything at all?) And most importantly, what should you wear? If you’re a guy who’s confused about how to approach a first date, fear not. Here are some simple tips to guide you in making the right fashion choices:

Keep it simple

Keep your first date outfit simple. No need for loud, bright colours, t-shirts with slogans on them, or fancy designer threads. Wear something you feel comfortable and confident in.



Button up with a button down

A smart pressed button down shirt is always sure to impress. Make sure it fits right. Depending on your trousers, you can either tuck it in with a cool belt, or leave it loose for a more scruffy, tousled look.

Pattern or plaid?

A patterned shirt in a simple plaid or gingham can look great when worn with the right pair of trousers. A good rule is to keep it to two colours – anything more than that and you risk it resembling a uniform.



Don’t wear a tie

You’re not going to a job interview or showing someone a property. There is no need to make things too formal. This is important whether you’ve been set up through friends or whether you’ve met your date through the eHarmony AU online dating site.

…but don’t wear sneakers, either

You’re not on a tennis court, either. Don’t make your date think you’ve come straight from the gym.

Jeans are okay

Just make sure they’re not ripped or torn. Dark wash is always better than light for a first date – and it makes it easier to hide stains if you accidentally spill your spaghetti.

A tailored look

If you go for this look, keep cuffs neat, pants hemmed to the right length, and jacket sleeves hitting just above where the thumb begins.

Cardigans are cute

A well-fitting cardigan is the perfect finish to any outfit. Pick one in a contrasting colour to your shirt, and when in doubt, keep it neutral – in shades of brown, blue or grey. And the best part is that you’ll have something to throw over your date if she gets cold.



Don’t overthink it

Nothing screams “nervous” more than trying too hard. Don’t put too much effort into your outfit – just wear something that fits well, lets you breathe, and makes you feel good.

Need inspiration?

If you need more ideas to plan the perfect first date get-up, or maybe now you’d like some date ideas, additional information can be found here, where singles post their dating stories and give dating tips.

4 Online Services to Utilize if You’re Looking for Savings and Results


If you’re looking to be successful in a business, resourcefulness is one life skill to possess. You see, most small business owners, especially bootstrappers, don’t necessarily possess financial leverage at the get-go, so that implementing resources that deliver results without burning a hole in their pockets is the best route to take. That said, consider the following services:

1. JetRadar.com

There’s no arguing the fact that air travel is still the fastest and safest way to move around. And with the arrival of low-cost carriers and online ticketing brokers, air travel has dramatically cheapened as well. But with the ever stiffening competition in the airline industry nowadays, airlines are confining their best promos into their own sites or third-party sites they have contracts with. This results in the would-be traveler literally traveling from one site to another to search and compare, search and compare until he finds the deal he’s looking for.

JetRadar.com is a search engine that thoroughly and systematically looks into 700+ airline sites and hundreds of online ticketing, flight and travel sites for the cheapest airfare promos available, and makes the data it collects easily accessible by anyone who needs them in one site.

2. Comindware.com

Process automation in a business helps with task management and streamlining of resources like tools, equipment and workforce, not to mention containing overall expenses. Comindware.com is a breakthrough process automation application for issue tracking, work management and task administration. Comindware Tracker is a web-based system that allows for collaboration among cross-functional teams and workgroups. With its unique and ultra-flexible ElasticData technology, you can formalize workflow processes now and change them later if circumstances call for an alteration. Also, with Comindware’s Workflow Builder, you don’t need to be an IT professional or expert designer for you to visually design and edit your team’s workflow processes. All you need to know is drag and drop items in your Comindware user interface. No coding needed, and in a matter of minutes, your new workflow process is ready to deploy with just a single click. If you want to know if Comindware is the automation solution you’re looking for, you may try the software free of charge. And once you decide to purchase, depending on the number of licenses you need, you may avail of discounts.

3. Bitrix24.com

SaaS-based CRMs and intranets are setting the bar in the efficiency game nowadays. Despite this trend, a lot of small businesses are still stuck in the technology of the ’90s – MS Access and Outlook – to get some of the basic tasks done. This is largely because of the high cost of implementing the aforementioned tools, not to mention the complexity that may not be beneficial to a small business.

Bitrix24.com is a corporate communications and collaboration solution that’s absolutely free for companies with a maximum headcount of 12. Bitrix24 combines several different work applications in a single platform – social intranet, file and document sharing, CRM for transaction and sales monitoring, workforce management, calendar and activity planning, to enumerate just a few – basically your all-in-one work station. Further, Bitrix24 is SaaS-based, too, meaning, there is no need for you to install anything. And what’s really cool about the application is that it can be accessed via smartphones as well, making your work desk on the go and right at your fingertips wherever you are in the world. For companies with more than 12 employees, a monthly subscription of $99 is available for unlimited user use.

4. PickyDomains.com

Now that the Internet space is saturated with millions and millions of registered top-level domains, finding the perfect domain for your website can be a bit of a challenge. Branding agencies are in existence to help you hurdle this challenge, but their services can hurt your finances really badly because they charge up to thousands of dollars.

PickyDomains.com is an online naming service that’s been capitalizing on the power of the crowdsourcing model since 2007. With over 50,000 registered contributors from different parts of the world to date, a client is guaranteed hundreds, if not thousands, of naming suggestions to choose from. To avail of this service, simply register and become a client, make an upfront payment of $50 for a domain or name (or $75 for a slogan) and set your naming specifications. If none of the recommendations you receive matches your parameters, with a click of a button, you get your money back.

My Rolex Daytona Replica for Unequalled Prestige


Celebrities have always fascinated me. The unparalleled style, the unquestionable taste, the flair to carry it off with panache – I have always longed for all these and more. And had been convinced that it’s all gonna be a pipe dream. Until, I bought my Rolex Daytona Replica. Well, life is never the same. This replica by Rolex accords me a recognition and dignity that I had never thought to find in this life.

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The flawless beauty of the movement of the hour and seconds hands makes me want to pause and admire it time and again. Well, it may seem odd when my eyes may seem glued to my replica by Rolex Daytona, but what the hell. I can’t seem to help it. People who find my habit strange, stop wondering once they see my replica, because they find it irresistible too.

And the beauty of the fact is my replica by Rolex Daytona has come to me with an amazingly affordable price tag which is in fact less than a third of what I would have had to pay for the original. The replica Rolex is my most prized possession. Doors open before me effortlessly. I have become a must have name in the party lists of all my friends and colleagues. And they take special care to introduce me to their guests.

Well, what to say? The life of a celebrity can be tough at times, but with my Rolex Daytona replica I am willing to enjoy it.