One Awesome Gift!

it is normal for me to seen such awesome perfume(s) here at house because my sister was indeed selling some of those that is why maybe  i am not too excited to have any, nor i dont use to like it though  because instead buying of perfume ill consider some clothes then on me because perfume can rapidly disappear while on the things like clothes it can be lasted for good times.well perfume can be lasted as well if you dont often use it..LOL and i am considering the price as well by the way..LOL

that’s why i am quite bit happy when my sister gave me this eternity CK for men because the perfume was really good on my nose then. though i likey it when the first time i smelt it but i dont have enough money to buy it(thats the main problem i think..LOL) but my sister was truly generous to give me this one, so yeah thanks to my beloved sister and i hope i can give her such same value of this perfume but i dont know when was that..LOL ok thats it for now and have a nice day to all

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