Lockerz Open 24/7 Redemption?

I’ll be blogging about lockerz update to this blog more often of course to give more information to other newbies to understand what things they may get on the site and for now lockerz stated on their wall that they’ll be opening the most awaited redepmtion 24/7 to the pointz place..i know other has been jumping up right now but on my own insight the idea was totally messed up , why? because as i read the email that they been sent to me they said that the redemption is open 24/7 however you will have to “BID” the item to own it using your gathered pointz for the long meaning if you don’t won the item you’ll definitely loose your bidden pointz to that certain items right?  and on the other side we doesn’t know either if someone inside lockerz will bid the most highly pointz to those items so we members will not get any after all..what do you think?

And my other suggestion that lockerz MUST posted those people who already gets products on their site and give  changes to other  members who doesn’t redeem till talking about the sure redemption not the usual and please do all countries can  shop using pointz on lockerz shop, because this really unfair to those people who put hard time to stay on the site lastly doing stuff that the site goodness..ok thats it for now and let see what is the outcome of this 24/7 redepmtion when lockerz opens it..thanks

2 thoughts on “Lockerz Open 24/7 Redemption?

  1. your info is incorrect. if you dont win the bid you still keep your points. also all the prizes are redeemed so quickly because they ship to the us and other countries and they have a huge user population.

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