I was addicted on shoes

I admit that I was now addicted to these awesome high top cut sneakers, I don’t know why? Maybe I found them comfortable and even awesome as you pair them on the black pants( I was referring on the black kinda boots high top sneakers) I dunno. Maybe guys used to like shoes than having them selves such branded clothes and stuff,¬† because shoes is the one that most guys liked about as they been chosen one piece to them. its like how diamond can be best friend on girls though, gets what I mean?

Actually,I just recently done buying 3 other shoes online( on ioffer.com) becuase those 3 shoes was indeed cheap and I really looking forward to have them since the first time I saw them over the online store. And now, I bought them already(so happy) I just need to wait at least 2 weeks before my purchased shoes will arrived on me (too exited) And as I have them, sure thing. Will share there photos here, so please be updated on this blog so often. Thanks

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