Where are you eon card?

Yeah, where are you? im still waiting too long for you to get arrive on me now,LOL kidding aside, i am now quite pissed off to that bank branch where ive been applied for the card because they took me so long now for that simply card to get mine, though its been given that the holidays was held when the time i applied but for the god sake is already 1 month and half but yet still i dont heard anything update regarding on my application , well i dont do anything just to wait beside i was the one who needed it  so i dont have any choice just to wait on the card to be release..LOL its ok for me though at least i had a another bank in me who is linked out on my paypal already but of course i need something cheapest when its comes on transaction fees, so yeah ill be waiting it till 30th of the month so that by next month i can be able to use it for my withdrawal on my gathered money through all of my trusted companies where i’ll be working with right now (using my other blogs) because right now this blog is quite new then and dont have any page rank on it that is why i am reserving this for the ultimate earning who is heading up on me soon as this blog will be apply on payu2blog..LOL

Ok thats it for now and enjoy the day everyone!

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