HUF Spring Summer Collection 2012

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Hey yow! want some streetwears? I know you do, so – why not to check this dope brand HUF that has swaggers pieces collection for this spring summer 2012. I know, this brand isn’t that much well known but yet, I wanted to blog them out here because I’d simply liked their pieces and yeah! I admit that they have just an simply plain designs pieces on their apparel, however, to those punky guy on the street who used to skateboard like me(LOL), will be surely be then like these pieces.. And I know you’ll agree on me..LOL

Okay, love this brand and I was planning to have that black tee over there that I may avail over their main website. Check Google for their main site as you wanted their pieces too.. Alright, that’s it for now and will blog more men’s fashion soon to this blog.. Thanks!

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