Meet my new watch

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I loved watches, as you’ve seen on this blog, I really used to blog some of the watches brands and designs because nowadays I’m quite crazed on them, who doesn’t by the way?

Okay, this very recent, me and mom are went to the mall to checkin some cool stuff that we can buy for the house thing, however, I’ve been saw this awesome branded watch from the guess store that can caught my eye and attention. Because look, this watch is indeed awesome,right? And the other good things was, the watch is on sale that time, it’s 70 percent off on the original price that’s why can’t resist my self to buy it or else someone will buy it as I don’t get it at the moment. So yeah, that’s how I have this great guess watch, now, I just needed to pay it on my credit card provider because I’ll just got it through my credit I hope there’s some blogging offers soon that will pays me a lot that can covered the whole price of this watch. Hahaha

Alright, that’s it for now – thanks!

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