Purple and Weddings


I’m not really a big fan of the color purple and its other shades (lavender, lilac). I find it a bit too feminine. But women seem to like this color a lot and I can’t argue with that. I much rather prefer blue, green, and black. But purple has been gaining popularity as a favorite color motiff in weddings. Purple in wedding is on the rise probably because of a couple of reasons. This color has a lot of shades that may meet a bride’s taste and it actually chooses no skin tone. Meaning, it can be flattering in any skin color. Furthermore, purple is a symbol of togetherness, dignity, and tolerance which married couples would definitely want in their relationship. It also symbolizes spirituality and royalty.

If you choose this color motiff, it doesn’t necessarily mean that every bit of accessory in your wedding will be in this color. You can probably just add a splash of purple here and there. For instance, you can use a white paper for your wedding invitation then tie it with a purple ribbon then place it in a purple envelope or the other way around, that is, using a purple stationery and white envelope. Another reason why purple is a favorite wedding color is that many flowers come in different shades of purple. A bouquet in this color would look absolutely beautiful against a white wedding gown. Flowers such as purple roses, gladioli, freesias, and tulips are the best choices. On the rather extreme side, you can wear a purple wedding gown or maybe a lighter shade like lavender or perhaps change into a purple gown in your reception.

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