Taeyang X MOTH PRINT V NECK by Mcqueen



As you noticed to this blog, iamronel.com, I really used to blog some celebrity outfits and fashion to it because that’s what my readers wants to read on this blog that’s why I’d often do so. Alright, today what I have was this guy named Taeyang who’d wears an awesome MOTH PRINT V NECK from the brand McQueen, actually, I’d always seen Taeyang wearing some sort of pieces from the brand McQueen, however, this top is the most awesome one. Because it has only an simple designs but yet it has this swag that can rock you all the way..LOL

About the price? you may buy this piece in every affiliated stores of the brand as long to the brand alone for $875, quite expensive, yes! but I think, the piece had these high quality materials that can made this top that much.. Okay, that’s it for now and will update you more soon..Thanks!

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