Tank Top & Dope Short For Summer


As a blogger, of course I used to check those new trends and any other pieces that peeps are always looking forward too – so that I may blog over this blog, Iamronel.com, not only to buzz other people who’s seeking the same information but also to log on what are the things are most crazed & trends about in the world fashion in the certain/particular year or season.. Got what I meant? But anyways, as I roamed around the web this recently, I’d found this photo from the Topman page I believed, since these pieces were from the brand,Topman, as its label says…

I’ve found this statement dope because this really speaks on my summer style because every time the summer comes. I just usually wearing an swag tank and I’ll pair it on my dope jeans short that I think most men are wearing this style too on today’s fashion..

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