A Gentleman’s Guide for Buying Formal Shirts Online

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Fashion industry has evolved at a rapid pace and men, like women, have endorsed the latest designs, techniques and have become aware of the need to show up like a true gentleman for every occasion. Formal shirts are one of the few wardrobe essentials that have stood the test of the times. Background garment while the jackets, blazers, suits and formal shoes were in a prominent place few years back. Few things have changed for better. Shirts for men brands have realized the importance of the design in shirts and are now in par with other predominant clothes like the suits. No wonder there has been a sharp increase in the need for formal shirts and are seen as men’s essentials. The regular collared shirts are called as dress shirts mostly in North part of America. While there are many dress shirts that are available, quality of the shirts plays a major role.

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The formal shirts are available in 3 different options. They are off-the-rack shirts, custom shirts and the made to measure shirts. For “off-the-rack” shirts, the shirts are produced in bulk quantity in standard sizes. The custom shirts are those that are made exclusively for the individuals, based on their personal tastes and preferences. Made to measure shirts are those that are made of individuals by modifying the standard patterns or sizes. In each of these, there are advantages and disadvantages. While the dress shirts in readymade are not expensive, the shirts in most of the cases are ill-fitted. The fit of the shirts are the best in the custom made as they are crafted based on your body type. Since, these kinds of dress shirts are made exclusively, they are highly expensive. Shirts made as made-to-measure fall in between the off-the-rack & custom made shirts.

The dress shirts that are made from cotton materials are ideal to wear during any season. The finer aspects of the shirts are as important as the fit of the garment. For the striped fabric, the stripes at the shoulder and the sleeve should be in perfect alignment. As a top standard for stitching, most of the brands have about 14-20 stitches per inch indicating the higher quality of craftsmanship. Single needle or double needle stitches are used for the side seams finish. Apart from these, the part of the formal shirt that needs more attention is the collar, as it is the most visible part. The formal shirts look absolutely stunning in either cutaway or button down collar designs. While shopping online for formal shirts online, it is advisable to check if the online retailers and brands are offering different sleeve sizes too. If the sleeves are bigger, it looks shabby and at times, inconvenient to person wearing them. To add a style factor, you can always consider long sleeve shirts with French cuffs.


Picking the formal shirts online with the fit that’s perfect for you, is more of an art. Just like anything else, this too needs a fair amount of practice to master this art. The guide helps you to learn the much needed essentials to look while buying formal shirts. To check the latest collection of better fitted shirts, visit www.peprismine.com

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