Bad things about link Building

I’ll be practicing my SEO strategies a year now but still i need to learn a lot because as we all know as years goes by SEO are having a new trend on how to optimize our blog due with some Google changes i must say, so please let me tell you what are the bad things that we should avoid too  while we are doing the link building (one of the best way to optimize blog) yeah on link building there’s this called link farming that Google really hates about for a certain blog link because maybe this way is quite cheat on the Google reboot as they update page rank? not sure though but i read this on the Google page its self just forgot the and as i remembered the link where this posted ill definitely share it out here rather you have it already? ok go ahead and share it on my comment box so that people will buzz out about the link farming rules by Google, anyways one thing that we should consider too, the long of the comment that you are hitting on the one blog because Google can also detected those nearly spammy comments like, awesome post, i like your post, update me more and such short trust me on these..

so yeah thats it for now and ill make you an update as i learn a lot on my way..thanks

One thought on “Bad things about link Building

  1. one of the bad things is the diminished effectiveness of reciprocal link exchanges

    I also read that link buying, while a valid link building strategy, is now bad in the eyes of Google

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