Balenciaga 2014 Fall/Winter Collection

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 photo balenciaga-fall-winter-2014-7_zps22cfe45d.jpg

 photo balenciaga-fall-winter-2014-6_zps4b2d48a6.jpg

Balenciaga unveils its 2014 Fall/Winter collections of very unique high quality and stylish men’s wear. In its collection are long-tapered coats made of very high quality woolen fabrics. The coats come in different styles and designs and are warm and beautiful. They match very well with grey woolen trousers and grey canvas shoes. He also unveils very beautiful and high quality and shiny charcoal blazers. These come in different designs and styles and are made from thick woolen fabric. They are soft, warm and comfortable. They match well with dark-grey or black trousers. He also showcases unique grey leather jackets which also come in different styles and designs. They come in single-breast and double-breast styles and are stylish. High quality pullovers are also unveiled here. The pullovers are made from high quality woolen fabric, are comfortable and warm.

They also come in different multi-colored styles and match well with dark-grey or black trousers. High quality leather suits are also among his collections. The suites come in different styles and designs. There are the single and double breast,They are made from very high quality woolen fabric and match very well with black shoes, plain, stripped or checked shirts or polo-neck pullovers. They look elegant and stylish. High quality shoes are also shown; they appear stylish and durable and can be found in different styles and in different styles of grey and black colors.

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