banned on adsense(LOL)

Yeah! this was a funny thing. Why? becuase Google did banned me with some reasons that I really dunno, to the fact that I don’t using my adsense accounts *(adverts) so often to my blogs. oh well. Its okay with me becuase I don’t actually work to adsense since Ive got some issues to them before. Anyways that’s life then, you cant expect some things happened,right? though I still have remain 25 usd over my account but yet that’s not a big loose to my pocket becuase I did have some programs that can support me on the monthly basis without having any hardship to got any clicks coming over.

Okay, that’s it for now and will update you soon as Ive got any messages coming from the adsense team on which violations that I did. Because they couldn’t notify me since now.LOL

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