Computer Addiction!

I know most young one’s nowadays is really admit that they’re all addicted on the computer because of the games that is available  online which called online gaming and me personally i was been addicted as well in such games before when i wasn’t discovered blogging yet because im just here at home without doing anything just to play and play and there’s a time that my parent told me that i was really addicted because i cant able to take my sleep then by that time but when i found out blogging i actually moved out my self for being addicted on those games, thank God because now instead of wasting my time by playing, im here then wasting my time by earning through online and blogging, wow i think im quite awesome now? so you, are you addicted on your computer there? to the sense that you are just doing some games online by then on? actually playing games is not wrong but the inappropriate of that is to abused your self by doing it that you’ll be diagnose as a addicted into it, anyways as long as you can handle it go ahead  just do what you feel can give you such happiness that you can see online as you playing games, ok thats it for now and thanks a lot and please bear with this post because this was only my personal ideas about this issue..thanks

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