My sister’s job

On tis blog,, I occasionally tackle something personal to me because I have still to maintain the personal topics on this blog to equalize things up.

Way back time, when my sister was here in the country, Philippines, she have this awesome job as an poker dealer in the pagor casino, casino under the government, Her job is quite easy I must say. Because she’ll be only shuffling cards and play with it for the players and stuff things. I just remembered then that we’d often also visit her to her workplace because we had these free passes to play with on some casino games there. The experiences playing the games was indeed fun and unforgettable especially if you won some bucks through it.

However, my sister need to leave her job to move forward on her other chapter of her lives which be getting married. Yeah – she’s now a happily married and living to the united stated. Quite sometimes, I misses those times that we could hung around to the casino where she’d been worked with. Although, there were some online casino games that we could try together Even we apart because Internet is the only venue on it. I think, we needed to try this soon. Will get You updated as we’d done doing it. Thanks!

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